Bronzium Data Card Pull Odds

The Bronzium Data Cards in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes are available several times per day for free and you can build up ally points from various actions to receive additional pulls. In this article we will look at the drop rates of the contents in the Bronzium Data Cards. The packs guarantee at least a 1 or 2 Star Character, shards, credits, or common gear.

The following are compiled results of Bronzium Data Card pulls from the Community. Caveat: Subject to change at EA discretion.

Total Sample Size: 266

Bronzium Contents Include

Credits Gear Shard Hero Remote
300 Credits Common Gear 1 Shard 2x 1* Character 1-10x 1* Remotes
500 Credits 1x 2* Character 1-5x 2* Remotes
700 Credits 2x 3* Character 1x 3* Remote
1K Credits 5x 4* Character

These Data Cards are the free mechanism to unlock characters, acquire gear, and build up your credit wallet in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Be sure to utilize the offering each time it’s available regardless of lesser drop rates than the crystal driven Chromium Data Cards.

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  1. I have been playing for a few months now, miss a day rarely. I am level 58, and have gotten 33 out of 36 characters from farming or events, and Vader from achievements. The three I got (excluding the starters) were a 1* IG-86, a 1* Ewok scout, and a 1* Ewok Elder. I open every free chance I get, and spend roughly 4,000 ally points a day on them.

  2. Buying a bunch of bronzium cards has been worth it at least for me. Definitely don’t rely on it for characters but you can get really lucky. In 3 weeks, I’ve pulled 5 characters, 3 of which were 4 stars I didn’t have (Bariss, Ima Gun di, and Poggle), 1 was 2 star (ahsoka), and 1 was 1 star royal guard I already had but love to use so was glad to get shards. Definitely using Bariss, Ima, and ahsoka and may try to make a droid team around Poggle. Get on average 10 bronziums a day including the free ones.

  3. I pulled 411 bronzium

    200x white gear
    69x green gear
    26x blue gear
    3x purple gear

    44x shards
    7x heroes (all 1*)
    3x IG-86 Sentinel Droid
    2x Snowtrooper
    2x Royal Guard

    25x Training Droids
    37x Credits (total=22,900)

    So, my luck is just really terrible, 1.7% for a heroe pull and keep getting the same useless 1* again and again.

  4. What are remotes?

  5. Playing for almost a month now, 3 weeks to be exact. Havent tracked how many ally points Ive used, not too many obviously considering my age in this game, but got Geo Soldier 3*,Chewie,but I already had him and was converted in 25 shards, several other shards for Ewok Scout, RG, and 2-3 others. And the usual crap.

  6. ive been playing for around 6 months EVERY day (probably addicted)
    the only character ive ever got was the 1* ewok scout once over hundreds and hundreds of cards

  7. i pulled 403 (yes, four hundred and friggin three) bronzium cards lately, carefully listed it up:

    207x white
    55x green
    12x blue
    1x purple

    24,7k Credits in total

    86x 1*
    65x 2*
    14x 3*

    16x 1* Char
    5x 2* Char
    12x 3* Char
    9x 4* Char

    2x Snowtrooper (yup, got him twice)
    Plo Koon
    Jadi Guardian
    Biggs Darklighter
    Ewok Elder
    Royal Guard
    Clone Sergant

    fun fact, i got the guardian and biggs, just right after another 😀
    i also got a list of the chars, whose shards i got but i think that’s rather unimportant

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  9. Still noting, i’ve already open a lot of this bronzium cards but it never gave a character…only shards it’s sad :(

  10. I pulled 26 cards and got…

    16: Gear
    3: Training droid pulls
    3: Credit pulls
    1 shard: Ewok Scout
    7 Shards: Royal Guard
    25 Shards: Count Dooku
    1 Character: Poggle the Lesser

  11. Pulled 96 Bronzium:
    – 70 pieces of gear (all green or blue)
    – 7 Shards, one each of: Fives, Chewie, Jawa, Mace Windu, Imu-Gun Di, UroRRruuro, IG-100
    – 0 full toons
    – Training Droids: (10) 1*, (5) 2*, (8) 3*
    – Credits: 5300 on 9 pulls

  12. 60 gear
    12 credit
    3 training droid
    11 shares (Asoka ima gun dix2 Storm trooperx2 plo koonx2 poggle hoth rebel 5’s barris
    2 chars barris and RG

    Using 22,000

  13. Hahaha no shit!! Saved 21k read this said lets do it. 21 gear 6 credits 2 shares 1 droid then..: barris drops would have never thought

  14. Hey guys we already release this new way of getting free credits and cyrstals check it here

  15. Just pulled 22 cards and this is what I got:
    Shards x 1
    Gear x 15
    Char x 0
    Credits x 2
    Droids x 4

  16. I was very lucky with Bronzium Cards. I got early 4* Daka, 2* Asohka, like 4 times IG86. My GF got 4* Boba Fet 2* Jedi KG and a 4* Cane.

  17. This thread is good luck!
    I read this last night to see if anyone ever goot a character from a bronzium pull as I never had and this morning I pulled 4* Bariss.

  18. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think they’ve updated the Bronzium odds quite a bit. Here was my batch pull:

    200 cards:
    Credits — 21 (300 – 1K in quantity)
    Gear — 148
    Shards — 16
    Heroes — 1
    Remotes — 14

    Here’s the percentages based on those drops.
    Credits — 10.50%
    Gear — 74.00%
    Shards — 8.00%
    Remotes — 7.00%
    Heroes — 0.5%

    The only hero drop was a 1* Ewok Scout, which I already had 1-starred (so basically I only got 7 shards for another scout).

    So according to EA’s ‘discretion’, they probably didn’t like people pulling 4* heroes out of their Bronzium cards, hence why they’ve dropped the rate of them showing up substantially. Hope this helps you guys out.

    • My Sister who’s starting the game 3 weeks ago Just had 4* Bariss Ofee in Bronzium card…
      She won Fives, Ig100,Teebo an many Ewok Scout and Guards:
      I hate her xD

  19. Today I pulled 83 Bronzium Cards.

    54 pieces of gear
    10 times training bots
    11 pack of credits
    8 character shards

    So that diagram above worked almost accurately.

  20. I never got any character from bromzium packs since the 2 months I have been playing. I didn’t even know you could get characters until the recent update.

    • Bad Luck. I got 7-10 characters playing for 2 months. Among them: 4* Barris, 4* Dhaka and 4* UrrUrUr (or whatever his name is :)). I also got some characters which were transformed in shards (remember Snowtrooper and Stromtrooper, may be someone else) and some that I’m not going to promote (like Magnaguard or Jedi Guardian).
      In order to get more Ally Points and to have more attempts, I try to avoid using SIM tickets, and auto-battle while farming instead (it brings 20 ally points instead of 10 when you use your allies assistance).

  21. I got several characters of it.
    4* mace windu
    3* geonosian soldier
    1* snowtrooper
    1* ewok scout
    2* ig-100 magna droid
    3* jawa
    2* jedi guardian
    1* ig-86 droid
    1* royal guard (but i think only to start dark side campaign)
    And last but not least
    3* talia (i think i got her also to start dark side campaign)

    And somehow first order trooper (2*) was also in one of my very first packs.
    Good draw i guess. ^^

  22. i got boba fett ,mace windu,lando all 4 star and 50 shards for luminara since i already had her(twice 25 shards)

  23. I’ve pulled a lot of characters from bronze packs. I’ve got Grand Moff, my last was General Veers, I’ve got Barriss Offee *yes her*, Poggle the Lesser and thats it. I guess im pretty lucky on bronze packs rather than the chroma one from whom i get 10x shards only and Mace Windu full char.

  24. What’s the break down of a chrom card set? I’ve been spending my crystals on energy to get gear and shards. Wanted to know if it was worth my time to save up to buy a 8 chrom pack.

  25. Been playing for a month and never got any characters … only shards, gear, credit and training bots.

  26. I got a Biggs darkligter… Four times… And no one else…

  27. Ive been playing for 3 months, ive never once received anay heros or shards from the bronze packs.
    I got fed up so i spent £14.99 and bought 8 chrom pack.
    I got 4* Lobot 3* fives 3* veers and *3first order officer….

    In one 8 pack opening….

    • That’s just bad luck. I’m playing for about two months and got lumi, sid ( I already had him, so converted into 7 shards) and the first tier pilot. Get about 7 bronzium cards / day.

  28. I have been playing for about a month now. I estimate I have opened close to 200 bronzium packs. The best pulls I’ve had is the Clone Sargent and an ewok scout. Pulled quite a few individual shards but no other full characters. Been getting a lot of training droids and gear.

  29. i was a bit lucky then.. got
    4* old daka
    4* datcha
    25 lumi shards (but already 7* so gone waste :( )
    and 25 JC shards

  30. This is one right after another, I got my free Bronzium Pack, opened it, 4* Ima-Gun Di! Next pack was 4* Poggle the Lesser!

  31. I just got 4* Dooku, full character, from daily free draw today. But, I already have this character so, 25 Shards instead, and,.. of course!.. promote to 5*.. xD

  32. I got Old Daka on a Bronzium data card pull. I feel like she has a higher pull chance than other heroes, but only at lower levels. I seem to battle her a lot and have to wonder if they sought her out (she is easily available).

  33. I have been playing everyday for about a week. I have gotten shards from one pull. The rest all useless gear.
    Somebody’s using my luck!

  34. I’ve been super lucky with the bronzium data cards. Got a 4* Dathcha when I started playing, and just recently within the last hour I received a 4* Bariss Offee.

  35. How many times can we roll the Bronzium data card for free with cooldown timers?

  36. Well…I pull bronzium card only once a day, and it already brings me a 4* Darth Maul, 3* Fives, 2* Leia, 2* IG-86 droids & 25 shards of Talia. And I never get a char cards from chromium cards always shards..better save those crystal for energy booster.

  37. What is the highest level for characters? I have 20 level 60 characters and I am trying to max out their gear levels but the game won’t let me! I have farmed all the materials for the gear, even created the gear, but I can’t equip them. It either says level 61 or higher requires however i am capped at level 60! How do I equip the new equipment and how to I level my character higher then 60?

  38. I have been playing for two weeks now I think, playing every day, but, I never get something cool from bronze cards, allways lower things, it’s a good game tho. I’ll keep playing, wishing good luck hit the door

  39. pulled a tier VI gear from bronzium. it was the lvl 65 item that fits lumi’s slot on the bottom right, i call it a mk VI boombox. not a bad draw considering the amount of material it takes.

  40. I’ve opened about 200 – 300 bronzium cards since playing. Only once have I got a 4* character (Ima-Gun-Di).

  41. Hey, just out of curiosity, does buying in bulk increase the chance of pulls? I’ve opened like over 300 and only got 1 4-star hero…

  42. Does the Bronze cards only give 1* and 2* chars?
    On the screen its written drops 1* or 2*.

    • I just pulled a 4* Boba Fett from a Bronzium data card about 20 minutes ago. First time I’ve gotten anything above a 1* character

  43. Pulled Old Daka 4* today, had some other lower * heroes before.

  44. I started playing on october 30th I think and so far I got 4 star Windu and Poggle the Lesser from Bronzium packs + 2 star Ahsoka and Biggs Darklighter 😉

  45. This game is dope! Count dooku is a stud. That counter is the bomb
    Ally code: 743-859-478

  46. um, somehow I got a feeling Bronzium data cards are giving out better heroes? I mean, you get 8 of 4-star heroes, that’s like 1 in every 25

  47. I got a 4 starred dathcha from a bronzium hehe guess im rly lucky i just started playing yesterday

    Gonna be long time player
    Add me 629-153-124

    • I just got a 4* Barriss offee, and the other day I got a 2* magna Guard. I have been playing for just about two weeks, and I play every day, so I don’t know how lucky that is, I guess a character every week? I did spend my crystals on a 4 pack chromium for 1330 crystals and got a 4* Tukan and a 1* nightsister. I’m still on the fence as to whether that was worth it. For anybody reading this, I would recommend being a little bit more frugal with how you upgrade, as I have equally upgraded all of my characters to level 44 ish. and now I’m close to getting Luminara and savage, and have no training droids/ credits to upgrade those characters.( more to the point it will take me a good day to upgrade each of those characters but cant upgrade my other ones. If anyone has any advice, feel free.

  48. Haedryan Montgomery

    Haven’t pulled anything good yet. Liking the game though. Ally please 653-895-643

  49. Good to know, 4* characters are super rare, guess I got lucky. Ally Code: 727-134-433

  50. That’s great guys, but I can’t include you in the metric for those amazing pulls unless I knew every other pull you had before that. Need to keep the data as accurate as possible.

  51. I got 25 cards of chewbaca with one bronzium card, if you can add this to the dataset.
    For those who wants an ally my code is 757 393 797

  52. I had no luck, drawing data cards, but never the less the game is great fun. Looking for some friends 912-617-969. See you.

  53. Got the game 5 days ago. Just pulled a 4 star Boba Fett out of a bronze data card. First time getting a legit hero from them. Ally code: 752-967-739

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