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Please use this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character database and discover each hero’s max stats to build your favorite Squad with maximum potential and to tailor your play style for the end game. These are the stats many players will use to define the characters they will pursue during their adventure. Click on the names of each Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character to see more information. If you are on a mobile device, you can flip your phone horizontally for a better view of the table. It is also encouraged to use the column visibility, search, and sort order features to ensure you find the data you are looking for. If you discover a missing character or an incorrect stat, please assist us by Submitting Character info.

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Stat Legend

Health – Is the amount a damage a hero can withstand that gets through Armor or Resistance. If this reaches 0, the character is defeated.
Speed – Determines the rate in which a character gets to take a turn. This is very important during the first couple actions to eliminate high threats and can be indirectly influenced by turn meter gain and reduction abilities.
B-Dam – This is a custom stat that actually makes the Physical Damage Stat useful to the player. It incorporates the damage done by a character’s Basic Ability using the physical damage stat, ability modifiers, and upgrades. There are also many passive abilities and Buffs & Debuffs that will apply during combat, but this is the baseline damage which will be reduced by (Opponents Armor – Attacker’s Armor Penetration). There is also a +/-5% random damage bonus to all abilities.
S-Dam – This is another custom stat that makes the Physical or Special Damage Stats useful to the player. It makes no sense to list Special Damage for characters that do all physical damage. This is the damage done by a hero’s Single Target Special Ability using the appropriate damage stat, ability modifiers, and upgrades, but does not include Resistance mitigation of opponent, crit bonuses, buff or debuff multipliers. There is a +/-5% RNG factor.
A-Dam – This custom stat displays the Area Damage of an ability before applying inbattle conditional damage. These custom stats do not present an ability’s usefulness alone as some may provide other effects that benefit the squad. Pair these numbers with ability effects and synergies, but also speed and other stats to really evaluate whose best for your squad.
Physical Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for Physical abilities.
Special Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for abilities using Special Damage.
Armor – There is more testing to be done here, but it appears as though Armor directly reduces the Final Damage (Ability Damage x in battle multipliers) by the listed amount. For example a Physical Attack with 1,000 damage and +50% from Offense up will hit for 1,500. After an armor check of say 250, the attack will reduce Health by 1,250 provided no other factors. This implementation makes Offense based buffs and debuffs much more attractive than Defensive.
Armor Penetration – In the example above, an Armor Penetration of 50 would reduce the Armor to 200 and allow 1,300 of the damage to pass on to Health reduction making this stat have very little impact on damage.
Resistance – Works in the same manner as Armor, but only 25% of the heroes actually use Special Damage and these abilities typically have cooldowns making this stat even less important than Armor.
Resistance Penetration – Similarly to Armor Penetration, this stat will reduce the Resistance of a Hero by this value and will minimally effect damage reduction overall.
Potency – Increases the chance to apply detrimental effects to opponents.
Tenacity – Increases the chance to ward off detrimental effects.
Health Steal – Returns a HP % of damage dealt to enemies (multiplied if Area Damage)

Hidden Stats due to either being all the same or because they govern other stats and have no value in and of themselves.

Strength (STR) – Increases Health and Armor.
Agility (AGI)
– Increases Physical Critical Rating and Armor.
Intelligence (INT)
– Increases Special Damage and Resistance.
Physical Damage
– Used to calculate damage dealt by all Physical abilities, is based on a characters primary stat, and is mitigated by armor.
Special Damage
– Used to calculate damage dealt by some Special Abilities and is mitigated by resistance.
Dodge Rating
– Determines the chance to evade Physical abilities.
Deflection Rating
– Determines the chance to evade Special abilities.
Critical Damage – Increases the amount of damage dealt by a Critical Hit.

Disclaimer: These stats are not immune to error and we will do the best we can to re-validate these stats with frequent updates after patches and if errors are discovered.

Character Stats

CURRENT DISPLAY = 7 Star, Level 80, Equipable Max Gear, Ability Level for 80

Phy CR
Spec CR
Armor Pen
Resist Pen
HP Steal
Aayla Secura1950011937506987597021925721575%56%10%
Admiral Ackbar14584113385428560207471243792%48%0%
Ahsoka Tano104449342205943862301884148050%20%30%
Asajj Ventress1323798463732766081524320802740%34%50%
Barriss Offee2453911624513663024421147580%51%5%
Biggs Darklighter1475610834994765619301884910910192%42%0%
Boba Fett 15427101398123575861025239127040%65%0%
Cad Bane1192910735805760680301723990097%34%5%
Captain Phasma200221213178198738110221762225127%65%30%
Chief Chirpa130111104893389101901514915110%35%10%
Clone Sergeant - Phase 1134071014163247061002002881520%42%10%
Clone Wars Chewbacca23844106269043070236871010110%50%10%
Coruscant Underworld Police11282106362122975932016022254027%51%5%
Count Dooku1314916136544701505701686510010290%47%0%
CT-5555 Fives2540911527984334333103662071060%51%15%
CT-7567 Rex12654140383140096126515663161065%53%5%
Darth Maul998394493849009140173754900%28%20%
Darth Sidious1088716129563436718202054585150%58%15%
Darth Vader226861212900462320923814525810144090%57%15%
Eeth Koth14553132293451202731201544218717160%35%0%
Ewok Elder153211163040597102106881020%48%10%
Ewok Scout1314712740606112643202032675060%47%10%
First Order Officer133931453878580256440172768015115%51%0%
First Order Stormtrooper2478211654213641032822177030%67%5%
First Order TIE Pilot1295712863708456851101825153030%39%0%
General Grievous1106597560131456751015710547070%40%0%
General Veers1251512539322163379151773011244130%43%5%
Geonosian Soldier138891543789664556602134768050%45%0%
Grand Master Yoda129711574289665970022481001693612720145%50%0%
Grand Moff Tarkin1219010235882232288135173121883239%37%10%
Hoth Rebel Scout1441014348036402557551782778544%50%0%
Hoth Rebel Soldier2161598330237280209421285132%34%5%
IG-100 MagnaGuard231398731652409340102412012410135%41%10%
IG-86 Sentinel Droid13389119564367027493018957620164%42%5%
Ima-Gun Di203351194266681344425236468929112%44%10%
Jedi Consular145591193802382142960188321353235%43%5%
Jedi Knight Anakin18331144435639007020203406315105%58%5%
Jedi Knight Guardian211428528901643463020385720189%44%5%
Kit Fisto23161120319823344931023437975100%67%10%
Kylo Ren216361162897578931874251021654500102%36%5%
Lando Calrissian139631154311299867955189411160167%54%15%
Luke Skywalker1451611942687150823101984051080%37%10%
Luminara Unduli145091184270631656015210281210110%36%5%
Mace Windu1681011128925865240952251526320137%58%0%
Mob Enforcer1947512633212543329110208508815129%47%15%
Nightsister Acolyte1668414732984607267140139101134580%50%0%
Nightsister Initiate2573411234026312520344302652582080%42%20%
Nute Gunray1107115049871899742017175580100%42%10%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)239701123884316039320220590%58%15%
Old Daka169591362800265651623517430187%44%0%
Plo Koon175281143890183024275235161831590%50%0%
Poe Dameron191291443776545102263259560%68%5%
Poggle the Lesser1743714432332931451531511654155%47%0%
Princess Leia126651643533688017796630150%51%0%
Qui-Gon Jinn143661453904496568342331301396513922240%43%0%
Resistance Pilot1399012066876573687021145880192%39%5%
Resistance Trooper13164134575573987337017663135065%58%5%
Royal Guard26798110218827510251201590150%72%5%
Savage Opress21253117461253464675021932705100%31%20%
Stormtrooper Han153281263634655502324692097%49%15%
Tusken Raider2247612136455390473402613057062%39%10%
Tusken Shaman165651252965331301714710120125%38%10%

Stat Predictions for Level 90

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