Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mid Game Character Stats

swgohstatsPlease use this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character database and discover each hero’s “mid game” stats to build your favorite Squad with optimal synergies and to tailor your play style (ie physical damage, special damage, tanks, heal heavy, etc…). At this point of your adventure, you’ll find that each hero comes into their own and you start to see their true potential.  This database is being built based on predicted stats using the leveling effect on characters but does not include gearGear represents more than half of a Character’s potential, so keep that in mind until we can build out the Max Stats database. By predicting the stats at a given star and level, we can determine the relative strengths, weakness, and developer’s intent of the characters to better allocate our time unlocking, leveling, gearing, and promoting those with the most potential for the strategy of a Squad.  Each Hero is depicted with the Star and Level after their name, such as “4*L60” which means these are the stats for that hero at Promotion Star 4 and Level 60 without gear bonuses.  Click on the names of each Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character to see more information.

If you are on a mobile device, you can flip your phone horizontally for a better view of the table. It is also encouraged to use the column visibility feature, search, and sort to ensure you find the data your are looking for. If you discover a missing character or an incorrect stat, please assist us by Submitting Character info. Please note that the images on each character’s page does not represent their maximum stars…every character can be promoted to 7 star via Data Card pulls or through Shard farming.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Stat Legend

Strength (STR) – Increases Physical Damage by 1.40, Health by 18.00, and Armor by 0.14 (NOTE: Varies by Character)
Agility (AGI) – Increases Attack Critical Rating by 0.40 (0.02%), and Armor by 0.07 (NOTE: Varies by Character)
Intelligence (INT) – Increases Special Critical Rating by 2.40 (0.10%), and Resistance by 0.10. (NOTE: Varies by Character)
Health – The lifeblood of the character. If this reaches 0, then the character is defeated.
Speed – Determines the rate in which this character gets to take a turn.
Physical Damage – Used to calculate damage dealt by all Physical abilities. Reduced by the opponent(s) Armor.
Physical Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for Physical abilities.
Armor – Reduces the damage taken from abilities using Physical Damage.
Armor Penetration – Ignores an equal amount of the opponent(s) Armor.
Dodge Rating – Determines the chance to evade Physical abilities.
Special Damage – Used to calculate damage dealt by some Special Abilities. Reduced by opponent(s) Resistance.
Special Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for abilities using Special Damage.
Resistance – Reduces damage taken from abilities using Special Damage.
Resistance Penetration – Ignores an equal amount of the opponent(s) Resistance.
Deflection Rating – Determines the chance to evade Special abilities.
Critical Damage – Increases the amount of damage dealt by a Critical Hit.
Potency – Increases the chance to apply detrimental effects to opponents.
Tenacity – Increases the chance to ward off detrimental effects.

Please use the images below to navigate to the Base Stats or Max Stats databases.

base stats max stats
Phy Dam
Phy CR
Armor Pen
Spec Dam
Spec CR
Resist Pen
Deflect Rat
Crit Dam
Darth Vader 4*L60320216.6182.2593010046686.2459.34200436.48017.5200000
Boba Fett 4*L60246.1286.5180.24592.8100417.7114.253.79900432.48017.5200000
Eeth Koth 4*L60209.7212.7287.53926.6100420.784.8843.88700689.2028.5500000
IG-88 4*L60211.7318179.23978.610046512750.90800429.48017.5200000
CT-5555 Fives 4*L60317209.7182.2590310046083.8858.92900436.48017.5200000
URoRRuR'R'R 4*L60210.7209.7279.63957.6100407.4483.8843.88700671.04027.9600000
Hoth Rebel 1 4*L60279.6208.7208.75191.8100404.4482.8852.97300500.28020.4700000
Dathcha 4*L60217.6218.6287.54069.8100414.787.2445.12600689.2028.5500000
Poggle the Lesser 4*L60232.3232.32554318.4100368.492.3247.84300611.4024.600000
Asajj Ventress 4*L60212.6289.5218.63986.8100418.7115.249.66900524.44021.0600000
Luminara Unduli 4*L60217.6324.9181.24097.8100471.26129.3653.14700434.48017.5200000
Jedi Consular 4*L60227.4215.6241.24251.2100349.8886.2446.77800578.08023.4200000
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) 4*L60317222.5193587510045688.659.75500462.8018.700000
Grand Moff Tarkin 4*L60212.7210.7281.63993.6100408.4483.8843.88700675.04027.9600000

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