Early SWGoH Character Progression Advice Guide

early game progressionOutdated Guide Pending Update.  Looking at the sheer amount of characters available, a new player may be overwhelmed and have no idea what to pursue first. Some may want to focus on characters they enjoy or even build a niche Squads consisting of all Jedi or maybe even Nightsisters. You can use the Search feature of our Abilities Database or the Squad Synergy Tool to help you design a powerful Party.  How you want to play the game and which Heroes you wish to battle with will ultimately drive your early game efforts. However, in this article we will focus on maximizing returns on investment for character building in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes without purchasing Chromium Data Cards.

If you haven’t already, start by reading our SWGoH Beginners Guide to get a better understanding on current features and how progression works. Your starting efforts should include building up your 5 man Light Side Squad followed by your 5 man Dark Side Squad and focusing on gearing, training, promoting, and increasing ability levels for those 10 characters so they are capable enough to unlocked other areas of the game that will enable you to expand your collection.

Light Side Campaign Squad

The first section that is available to you is the Light Side Campaign maps. Play though the tutorials and early levels using the starter characters and strive to build the following party while unlocking the freely available shard farming activities.

Clone Wars Chewbacca – This is one of the freely available characters you start out with and has some useful utility to draw fire from your more fragile squadmates, has strong stats, and a self heal. His shards are found in early Dark Side Hard Mode 2-C and at the third holotable battle.
Jedi Consular – This free Hero remains viable all the way to the current endgame. He’s equipped with a powerful heal, a nice Single target damaging ability, and a basic attack that can reduce your cooldowns. Consular’s shards can be found early in two stage 1 hard mode battles.
lumi profile Luminara Unduli – Lumi is farmable in the Galactic War Shipments and in early Dark Side Hard Mode 2-E. She’s packing a strong heal with an ability blocking force blast and a chance to gain evasion up, which is nice for a healer you want to remain right side up.
jawa profile Jawa – “Judge me by my size do you?” This little guy packs a punch and is freely given to you early in the game. He’s your early Light Side Area of Effect (AoE) hitter to clear out the trash, and can be farmed in the tier 2 holotable battles.
fives profile Fives – The light side Dooku, with a high counter chance but instead of multiattacks, has an assist ability to focus down targets fast. He’s easily obtainable in Cantina Shipments and in early Dark Side Hard Mode 2-D.

Dark Side Campaign Squad

The Dark Side has some very strong characters that are fairly easy to obtain and these 5 should bring you all the way through the Campaign.

Sidious profile Darth Sidious – Sid is a fast attacker with a pivotal basic ability to inflict healing immunity on opponents. He also gains health every time you defeat an enemy making him ideal for the Galactic Wars feature. He also has a great leader ability to boost critical damage to knock down those pesky healing heavy squads. You should spend all your Arena tokens to acquire this hero’s shards in the Arena Shipments.
Dooku profile Count Dooku – The late Christopher Lee’s character was given some recognition with unnatural speed, counters, stuns, and multiattacks. This top tier character is worth every penny in the $4.99 offering from EA. He is also farmable in both stage 1 Light and Dark side campaigns.
talia profile Talia – Although not super powerful, she is free and provides the Dark Side healing necessity to progress. Talia is farmable in two tier 2 Light Side campaigns and in the first tier of the holotable.
daka Old Daka – This nightsister leader fills the role of the 2nd dark side healer, but also has great capability in PvP with her multi stun and revive abilities. Unfortunately, she’s not farmable til Dark Side 4-A Hard Mode and you’ll need to prioritize between her and Fives in the Cantina Shipments.
royal guard profile Royal Guard – This guy in red will allow you to progress through the dark side campaign by buffing and removing turn meters, but should be replaced quickly with someone like Boba before too much investment.

PvP Squad Arena

There are many Squad options to be competitive in PvP utilizing strictly these 10 characters, I suggest the following.

Sidious profile Darth Sidious – Sid will be your leader to take advantage of his critical chance and damage buff. With one of the few characters having a healing immunity ability, he’ll be a necessity in focus targeting the enemies down.
Dooku profile Count Dooku – Darth Tyranus’ counters, multi-attacks, and his innate abilities to stun Jedi (healers) make him second to maybe only Barriss in his PvP usefulness.
lumi profile Luminara Unduli – Lumi’s ability block is ok, but we’re really only using her for the heals. The current meta game requires at least 2 or three healers to have a chance at timing out an opponent on defense which is how you lose ranks.
consular profile Jedi Consular – Like I alluded to already, the Jedi Consular is the most valuable free character in the game. His special attack is fairly strong, his heals perform a necessary function and he’s easily farmable in the beginning.
daka Old Daka – This hero is seen in Top PvP forms that have decided to risk running a low health healer by relying on her Stuns, revive, and supplemental healing to drain the clock on an opponent.

If I had to do it over again, I would definitely start with the characters listed above which also utilize all the existing farming resources effectively. The meta game could change with one patch, but at the time this article is written, this guide will give you the best results with what’s available early in the game. Obviously, as you progress and unlock elite characters like Barriss Offee or experiment with other synergies…you will find better combos to counter your foes. Other articles will cover more advanced gameplay and party dynamics.

Please feel free to discuss this guide in the comments below…counter arguments welcome.

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  2. Is it better to farm shards using Sim or by doing the battle? It sometimes seems like the game doesn’t want to give me the shards anymore.

    • Always sim, there are the same drop rates as doing the battle. Sim is short for “simulated battle”, so in essence you’re doing the battle without wasting the time. Certain characters like Luminara have higher drop rates that characters like Anakin.

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  4. With these two early teams who do you suggest putting at leader?

  5. This is a very detailed guide, thanks for the work. However, in light of recent changes, when will this be updated?

  6. Can you update this article. Doku is only a 1 in 3 for those that buy the dark pack there are other great characters like Geo, Luke, QGJ, Phasma, Poe & now Lando that need to be considered in this guide. You also should point out that Daka is a huge time investment.. even if you sacrifice your GW ability a bit you can still manage 10 shards a day pretty easy compared to the currencies that PvP can offer

  7. Another character I have found very useful is darth mauls brother, I have him at4stars and 2200+ power, kills and kills

  8. So I’m reading that it’s your highest ever PVP rank that determines your GW. So it does not not matter that I have let my rank drop a lot my GW won’t get easier??? Great site by the way. Wish I would have found earlier

    • No. if you wanna beat GW, ya gotta have at least 2 squads.
      Im rank 1000 in areana but i have an unbroken record of beating 100 galactic war nodes without losing once.(beacause i have 5 squals and i dont cre

  9. Now that I’ve played long enough to regret some investments, I feel convinced that a new player should know: 4 stars are all you need. If you think the hero is weak at 4*, then it’s likely you didn’t raise their abilities to 5+.
    for example: QGJ is relatively easy to get to 4*, but will have mediocre damage until his gear is purple, and abilities 4/5/6/1, at which point he becomes top tier. Watch the crits rain at gear 8, lols, just beautiful. Dooku is another good example of a 4 star I have that wrecks $#!4.
    Long story longer, abilities under 4 are weak, gear not purple is weak, and 4 stars are plenty to be an amazing hero.
    Just don’t invest anything in anyone that can’t get 4 stars!!!

  10. TIP: your highest ever rank in the PvP arena determines the enemies you face in galactic war!…. being that there are many good characters to farm in the GW store. I recommend building GW squad and winning gw everyday rather than trying to get high in PvP… PvP squads are all high damage and probably useless even in normal campaign modes and die way too fast to be of much use in GW… PvP IS LAST THING YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON… cheers!

  11. How long is early game? (Like level 30/40/50?) Or is where you are in the map? Thanks

    • Pre-40 is. I say that because for me Galactic war wasn’t doable until in the 40s. So by 50 you should finish everyday easily. If you make horrible investments and don’t use your energy to gear, and shipments for heroes, then you’ll have trouble. I’m just speaking in generalities.

  12. If they occasionally release new characters, it would be nice to have some indicator of when a new character was released, and when this guide was last updated (so we know which characters were not considered in these recommendations).

    For instance is Captain Phasma not here because she is newer, or because of some weakness relative to these characters.
    As a concrete example – it looks like Captain Phasma

  13. What is the best pack available to purchase at the moment? I’m in Android and don’t mind spending a bit of money if the value is there.

  14. Is the 5 dollar pack limited time? I only have the force awaken options right now.

  15. I have a question please :
    Why most people have Barriss as leader?

  16. I honestly don’t see how anyone can unlock multiple 80-shard characters through farming. Does it really come down to Chromium Data Cards? Or am I missing something? (Also: I only spent $4.99 to get a character when I first started – are people spending more $$$ than that to get those Dream Teams above?)

    • Dustin I would be patient. I did use a chromium card, and kinda regret it. After two weeks I did not get any drops and farming is/was taking a while( I’m only 1/2 way to vader and sidious) In the last two days I’ve gotten 4 character drops on bronze cards and the game gave me 2 characters for the force awakens Poe, and first order storm trooper, now I have too many characters and have to decide which ones to upgrade, as now there’s not enough training droids, and credits. Be patient it will happen!

      • This is absolutely what I say. Don’t buy cards with crystals. Use the crystals for energy. It gets the heroes you have gear and earns cantina points. I spend 100 every other day to fill regular energy twice. Then 150 every other day to fill cantina once and energy once. But then I pulled some overtime, and said to heck with it and bought crystals, then data cards. And was sad at what a waste it was.
        GW, Arena, and Cantina heroes are amazing. Be patient, and forget about those cards giving anything worth while… they don’t

        • Absolutely right, I’ve been playing for about 6 months and haven’t spent anything. I’ve gotten Chewie, Savage, JC, IG-86, Lando, Rey, RG, and QGJ to 7 stars already.

  17. I’m hoping somebody could help me with some squad upgrading/pairing advice. These are the characters I have right now.

    Chewie 45
    jawa 45
    consular 45
    resistance trooper 45
    clone sarge 44
    ewok scout 43
    Barriss offee 4* at level one ( just got today in a bronze card)

    I”m 9 shards away from Luminara, which I’ll probably finish by tomorrow night

    dark side
    tuskan 45
    talia 45
    royal guard 45
    magna guard 44
    nightsister 43
    snowtrooper 43
    first order tie pilot 24 (just got yesterday from farming shards).

    I’m 5 shards away from savage, which I’ll probably get tonight

    any advice on squad synergy and or what I should focus on progressing and what I should let go of. There’s so much info, and some of it I find kinda confusing.


    May the Schwartz be with you!

  18. Pretty sweet guide. I’m glad I had the majority of these characters in mind when I started looking at stuff. I’m almost done farming to acquire Luke, and am using the orange globe currency while getting him to save up for boba

  19. Regarding Dooku in your PvP team, “make him second to maybe only Barriss in his PvP usefulness.” so why isnt Barriss part of your fab5?

  20. I am liking Count Dooku for his 100% counters. Each time the party gets hit, the attacker takes some damage. Plus seems like he is always attacking with turn meter bonuses.

  21. well guys, about pve in this game i think having 2 healers gives you the strenght to win almost all fights, i disagree on the choice of chewbacca, going over lev 40 becomes totally uneffective, choose instead Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee as Leader if you are so lucky to get her.
    In pvp there are 2 or 3 hints, that honestly i do not use because i think it’s a lamer strategy, using champions that counterattacks you will slow opponent game till he will loose the battle for time…. But if you want to get stronger in the force i suggest a team coposed by 2 pure damage dealers, i use Luke Skywalker and Darth Sidius (almost imperative to unlock due to his passive skill), an healer focused dps such as Luminala Unduli or Ahsoka Tano, and closing with Barriss Offee leader, this is a pretty balanced defensive oriented team.

    • I had a very similar team in mind (4/5) but with a different leader. Barris would probably be a better leader though, she is on my list just not the leader I had in mind. However with only 1 true healer it maybe better for her to be the leader for the static extra hp and small hot.

  22. What about the Resistance Trooper for light side? I got him for free, is he worth investing in? Lvl 36 by the way…

  23. Thanks for the heads up! May the force be with you…….ALWAYS….

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