Looking for a Guild in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?  The feature is imminent and will hopefully give us some much needed social functions, Raids, Guild vs Guild, and other events that involve Communities. The following is a directory of known established Guilds and links for more information.  This page will eventually be build out for leaderboards and such once we know more about how EA will implement the feature.

Fear the Boot (FTB)'s Elite Alliance of 6 Divisions: 3 Hardcore P2W, 1 the best of F2P, 1 P2W new players, and 1 for casual old friends from other games.
4PDA Russian group established during softlaunch
SPECTRE Coming from HoDA
Team Instinct (iN)Hardcore Pay to Win Group
The New Rebellion (TNR)Guild focused on building an inclusive and positive community
Sith of the First Order (SøtFØ)Members ranking Top 100 in Squad Arena
The Guild from Down Under (ANZGC)Laid back Oceania Guild
The Guild of the HexagoneFrancophone guild based on fun, exchange and sharing between players
Dutch Trade Federation (DTF)Dutch guild just for fun
Sky SocietyDeutschsprachige Gilde mit Gilden
Gáráge GámersCasual guild that is here to give some tips and tricks
Drop it like it's Hoth (DLH)A chill guild focused on PvP
Remnants of the Empire (RotE)Multi-Nation, Semi-Serious Guild. Looking to get a great bunch of people keen to learn, help each other, winning & above all having fun
Sons of Dathomir (SoD)SWGOH Guild for only the best players!
Knights of the Free Republic This is a guild for highly skilled Free to Play players only.

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To be included, a Group must have an established community, weblink to a Guild website or an official forum post, or ranked within the game’s Event leaderboards.  If you’re guild is already listed, feel free to update your link or short description.

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Guild Leaders

In other mobile games, it was customary for Guild leaders to maintain a LINE room to discuss GvG type events and even have a little tasteful trash talking at times. Those players seeking a Guild are likely the heavy spenders supporting the game or those wanting to invest in a long term tenure in SWGoH.  That’s the ideal market for EA to provide longevity and enhancements to this gem.  A LINE Room has been setup to hopefully help shape the future development of the game and includes leadership from many guilds.  This is a group representing a large base of influential players. If you are a leader of a Community or Guild, please PM Kylven on LINE for an invite.

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