How SWGOH Character Gear Compares with Star Promotions and Training

Screenshot_2015-11-03-14-40-06-1Shard farming in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is Energy expensive, credits become more scarce as levels increase, and gear crafting consumes many resources.  It’s important for us to determine how much each effort effects a character and try to decide how best to utilize our time and resources.

How Does Gear Effect a Heroes Stats?

We know Star Levels and Training symbiotically influence a Hero’s Stats, now we will take a look at how much gear effects a character’s performance in comparison.  Let’s use Boba Fett in this example.  At the time this was written, we know Boba Fett has a Strength gain of 4.7, Agility gain of 5.4, and Intelligence gain of 3.4 per level as a 5 Star character.  Let’s assume by Level 60 you focused on Boba Fett and promoted him to 5*, Leveled to 60, and finished gearing all his Level VII slots.  What we’ll do is compare the 5* level 60 geared Boba to that with no gear and determine how much of an impact gear actually provides to his performance.  The stats bolded are only increased by gear and not level or stars.


Stat 5*L60
(No Gear)
(Gear VII)
Gain from Gear
Strength 293 380 87
Agility 339 566 227
Intelligence 215 324 109
Health 5442 8973 3531
Speed 100 121 21
Physical Dam 492 1078 586
Physical CR 135 292 157
Armor 64 173 109
Armor Pen 0 29 29
Dodge 0 0 0
Spec Dam 517 825 308
Spec CR 0 10 10
Resist 21 68 47
Resist Pen 0 0 0
Deflect 0 0 0
Crit Dam 0 0 0
Potency 0 0.4 0.4
Tenacity 0 0.27 0.27 

Boba is an Agility attacker and his Special Abilities focus on Physical attacks.  Therefore, his assigned gear progression path adds items that primarily increase Physical Damage, Physical Critical Rating, and stacks on the AGI which increases his Physical Damage and Physical Critical Rating even more.  Compared to Boba without gear, both stats are up over 100%.

Gear also plays a huge role in building up a character’s Armor (170%) and Resistance (223%) with direct increases to those stats.  This is due to the minimal gain (0.14, 0.07, 0.1) provided to these defensive stats by STR, AGI, and INT. Boba’s Health also had a substantial increase of 65%.  If you want your Heroes to be able to take a hit and not get wiped out by one Area of Effect ability, gear progression is a necessity.

Speed, Armor Penetration, Potency, and Tenacity finally increased from their base values.  Stars and Leveling do not effect these stats.  Speed is likely the most important upgrade out of this group as it determines who fires the first shot and how quickly the Turn Meter refills.  In Boba’s case, the Special Damage and Special Critical Rating don’t really matter with his current abilities.

To sum it all up…Gear increases a character’s performance more than Leveling & Stars.


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  1. Lots of useful information, but not really a comparison the title suggests. That would need 3 measurements, ideally with the very same character, which means 3 accounts. Those measurements would be:
    1.) differences between his level 1 and max level stats
    2.) differences between his no gear and max gear stats
    3.) differences between his 1* and max* stats
    Plus it would be useful to note the effort required for each method. (This is not easy.) The result would show us what difference in a level really means, and what area is cheaper to upgrade.

    • or as a much faster and somewhat faster method: compare the stat changes between level 1 and 10, between gear level 1 and 2 and between 1* and 2* with the same toon.

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  4. But how does gear compare to a star? Where is the best place to focus? Would be interesting to add a 4* to the chart with the same gear level.

  5. Does filling each gear slot take effect immediately or do I need to fill all six slots and hit upgrade for to see a boost?

  6. Is there gonna be a gear database?

  7. I like to gear up and keep stars down.. use as little of a “team power” rating as I can (which means almost nothing as some teams are way over and under -rated) this was ppl waste attempts in arena thinking I’m easy win

  8. Can anyone explain, If i equip a gear does it effect immediately? Especially on +STR,AGI, INT gear stats.
    For example in xp promotion, every time those stats increase it also effect stats like health(str) phy dmg(agi) and special dmg (int). Does it also work this way too or i have upgrade it first?

  9. It would be useful if u put gear requirements of every hero at every level of course
    Nice Wotk btw

  10. Just FYI, the title should say, “How Does Gear Affect a Hero’s Stats?”

    If you guys want some help proofreading this site, I’d be interested in helping — especially if you could hook me up with some free characters or crystals. Seriously, though… I love this site! You guys are awesome.

    • They should also remove the part about comparing Stars and Training, since this guide doesn’t.

      “To sum it all up…Gear increases a character’s performance more than Leveling & Stars.”

      Not true, levels are way better:

      Gain from GEAR
      STR: 87 AGI: 227 INT: 109 TOTAL = 423

      Gain from 59 LEVELS:
      STR: 277.3 AGI: 318.6 INT: 200.6 TOTAL = 796.5

      NO information is given about STARS.
      We would need a 1-star Boba Fett to compare to the 5-star.

      I’m not complaining, this gear info is fantastic, but it is what is and isn’t what it isn’t.

      • And of course the Star rating affects the Level gains, so the general rule is probably something like the following (just going by Boba Fett):

        1-2 Stars: Gear > Levels
        ~3 Stars : Gear = Levels
        4+ Stars: Levels > Gear

        Incidentally, those stat gains I list above are based on this guide:

        “Boba Fett has a Strength gain of 4.7, Agility gain of 5.4, and Intelligence gain of 3.4 per level as a 5 Star character”

  11. Sorry *without leader evasion ability?

  12. Can anyone tell why every char has 0 dodge and deflection?
    And why they still evade attacks even with leader evasion ability?

  13. Here is a silly question, if my character has all their gear slots filled, it seems to stop showing which gear level they are. Is there anywhere else to look that up?

  14. Is gear predefined? Or can I choose what I put in?

    • It’s predefined for now. I have a feeling once the cap is increased we’ll have some sort of gear customization at max.

      • I’m at a point where I’m gearing up my toons, but at least 7 of them need at least 30-40 pieces up gear to upgrade( at the rate I’m going that should take a month. ls this the point where I should just drop putting anything into other team members I don’t like? It usually takes my 80-90 energy to get 5 pieces.

        Also Is this the point where the game starts throttling you, to slow down your pace/ having to spend money on the game to progress, or am I missing out on a way to procure that much gear. Most of em are the same piece.

  15. how many gear level ?

  16. Hi, just a quick question, but does order of gearing matter… for example, if I were to gear up my character at 7star, would that mean, the character would gain more stat compared to being geared at 4star?

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