How SWGOH Character Stats Increase by Level.

There are currently four ways to increase the power of your Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes characters…gear, star promotions, levels, and ability upgrades.  This article will focus on the underlying math that effects the general stats of the heroes.  I tested this method with Darth Vader, Fives, and IG-88 and all the way up to Level 30 for each.  It appears that we can figure out the increase in stats for a given character using a few simple formulas.  By predicting the stats at level cap, we can determine the relative strengths and weakness of the characters and better allocate our time unlocking, leveling, gearing, and promoting those with the most potential for the strategy of a Squad.  Keep in mind that gear, star promotions, and ability upgrades are not accounted for in these numbers.  Each has a different effect on a character’s performance.

Leveling up Characters increases the Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), and Intelligence (INT) of a hero.  These stats then govern the bonuses applied to roughly six other stats.  The remaining stats can only be increased by gear.  During the soft launch phase, the max level is 60 so I’ll explain as if that is the Level Cap.

We’ll use Darth Vader in this example.  In the table below, you’ll see Vader’s Base stats in the left column.  These are the holo stats and is what he’ll start with once unlocked as a 4* level 1.  The right column is what Vader’s stats will be as a 4* level 60 with no gear.

4* Base Value
(No Gear Level 1)
4* Max Stats
(No Gear Level 60)
Strength 25  320
Agility 16  216
Intelligence 17  182
Health 620 5930
Speed 100  100
Physical Damage 53 466
Physical Critical Rating 6 86
Armor 4 59
Armor Penetration 0  0
Dodge Rating 0  0
Special Damage 40  436
Special Critical Rating 0  0
Resistance 1  17
Resistance Penetration 0  0
Deflection Rating 0  0
Critical Damage 0  0
Potency 0  0
Tenacity 0  0

So how did I arrive at those Stats?

1.       Determine how much STR, AGI, and INT increases per level.  A good baseline for this is to level the character from 1 to 11 and divide the difference between the base stats and the new stats by 10.  This should give us enough accuracy to determine down to the first decimal.  I tested each level all the way up to 30 and it was very consistent (the Growth Modifier is now listed directly in the stats). However, each character gains a different amount of stats based on the developer’s gameplay intent of the Hero.

Vader’s starting Strength is 25 and at level 11 his STR is 75.  This gives us the first variable of the STR Growth Modifier per Level (STRGM) of 5.

Vader’s starting AGI is 16 and at level 11 his AGI is 50.  This gives us the second variable of the AGI Growth Modifier per Level (AGIGM) of 3.4.

Vader’s starting INT is 17 and at level 11 his INT is 45.  This gives us the third variable of the INT Growth Modifier per Level (INTGM) of 2.8.

2.      Now we have to look at how each stat effects the others by checking the ingame description.  Each Character may gain a different bonus.  The following are the Stat descriptions for Darth Vader.

Strength – Increases Physical Damage by 1.4, Health by 18, and Armor by 0.14.
Agility – Increases Attack Critical Rating by 0.4 and Armor by 0.07.
Intelligence – Increases Special Damage by 2.4 and Resistance by 0.10. (misprinted ingame as critical rating)

3.       Now we apply the math to each substat plugging in the unique character stat increases per level and the bonuses above.

Health = (STRGM x 59 Levels x 18) + Base Health
Physical Damage = (STRGM x 59 Levels x 1.4) + Base Physical Damage (depending on character)
Physical Critical = (AGIGM x 59 Levels x 0.4) + Base Physical Critical Rating
Armor = (AGIGM x 59 Levels x 0.07) + (STRGM x 59 Levels x 0.14) + Base Armor
Special Damage = (INTGM x 59 Levels x 2.4) + Base Special Damage
Resistance = (INTGM x 59 Levels x 0.10) + Base Resistance

Every character works the same way, but with custom STRGM, AGIGM, INTGM, and sometimes different bonuses identified ingame.  It is SWGOHCantina’s intent to adjust our database to incorporate this information in the coming weeks.

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