How SWGOH Character Stats Increase by Star Promotions

We’ve covered how leveling and gear increases a character’s stats so now let’s discuss how Star Promotions upgrade a character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.  By understanding our previous article, this should be rather simple.   The Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), and Intelligence (INT) of a hero govern the bonuses applied to other stats with the exception of those only increased by gear.  In this example, we’ll look at CT-5555 “Fives.” By following the principles of the leveling article, Fives’s (at the time of this article) STRGM is 4, AGIGM is 2.7 and INTGM is 2.2 as a 3 Star.  The following are Fives Stats as a 3* Level 11 with no gear.


3* Fives (No Gear – Level 11) Increase per Level
Strength  62  4
Agility  42  2.7
Intelligence  39  2.2

The following are Fives Stats as a 4* Level 11.


4* Fives (No Gear – Level 11) Increase per Level
Strength 72 5
Agility 48 3.3
Intelligence 45 2.8

You’ll notice if you multiply the Increase per Level x 10 and add the base stats of Fives, you’ll come up to stat (or you can just see the Growth Modifier in the stats now).  Each promotion increases the amount of STR, AGI, and INT a character receives which then in turn applies bonuses to the rest of the stats according to the ingame descriptions.

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  1. I forgot how to upgrade my stars help!!

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  3. For the sake of clarity picking a character named “fives” was a bad idea.

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  5. what decides the number of given stars a new hero is “born” with? random or something else?

    • If you have Hero already… If you Do Not Have Hero…
      10(S)hards = 1* 10 S = 1*
      15 S = 2* 25 S = 2*

      Tricky part: 25 S = 2*
      15 + 10 = 25 S total needed for a 2* Toon
      total needed for a 2* Toon

      Answer : Math… determines the # of Stars on your unborn toon.

  6. I’ve been wondering if a star promotion of a character results in a “pro-rata” allocation of stat points for growth modifier increase in levels already gained?
    i.e. if you unlock Vader at 4* lvl. 1, level him to 60 and THEN promote to 5*, will he have the exact same stats as a Vader unlocked at 4*, promoted to 5* before leveling and then leveled to 60?
    My hunch is that promoting a character does not go back and adjust GM for levels gained before the promotion but I can’t find a clear answer. Any insight would be appreciated.

    • CountDookuIsCheating

      If you promote a character you will see the stat adjustments. i.e (new stat scaling * level) – (old stat scaling * level) will be displayed in the + column.So yes, all stat gains are applied retroactively. Since you can only get each character once it would really make no fucking sense for that not to be the case.

      • Thank you! Sometimes, comparing my character to another players, gave me the feeling the stats were not retroactive. Looking back, single character activation makes this a little obvious. Cheers!

        • I’ve just started wondering this too. For example if I level a character starting at level 1 level it
          to 10 and the character has one star will it be infinitely weaker than leveling the same character with 4 stars from 1 to 10 because the increase rate was less?

      • Thanks for clarifying this! I always thought it was the other way around and that leveling up the character before ranking them up was a huge mistake because that implied that only who has invested tons of money would have the advantage in the whole fucking game and us, the f2p, would be the waste of the whole app… But thaaaanks the father, the daughter and the son it is not like that

  7. What is the turn meter and how does it affect the game?

  8. This is going to seem like a stupid question. My characters have been stuck on their same star level since I started the game. They are all level 24 and I understand how to level up by training and gear. I have read several places that you can pay to increase star level but can’t figure out how. Can anyone help?

    • Shards increase star level. Bottom right of chat screen tells you have/need and has a find button.
      They can be farmed from hard mode levels

    • I have the same issue and everywhere reads that you can use credits to level up but I have not found anywhere to spend my 100k plus credits besides a few hundred in shipments.

  9. Jeff (Gavon Mothma)

    This still doesn’t quite make sense to me. The numbers are always just a little off. I’ve tried calculating things myself and whereas I can find the formula for one of the three (STR,AGI,INT), it doesn’t seem to work consistently for the other two.

    Here is the formula I’m currently using. I’ll use STR as an example:

    + (StarLevel-1)*IncreasePerLevelMod
    + (TrainingLevel-1)*CurrentGrowthMod
    + (GearLevel-1)*StartingGrowthMod
    + AGIGear Addons

    So in the case of my 2* Resistance Pilot, level 20 at gear level 3

    24 = 24.0
    + (2-1) * 1.1 = 1.1
    + (20-1) * 3.1 = 58.9
    + (3-1) * 2.0 = 4.0
    + 31 = 31.0
    = 119
    This number is correct and matches exactly.

    But when I apply the same formula to his STR stat, I get a number that is off by two. Another character, I can apply the same formula and it will be off by so much in the other direction.

    I feel like this page is getting the general idea, but is not quite as precise. Even the numbers for Boba and Fives on these pages don’t quite match exactly.

    • It’s close and there may have been some tweaks since it was written, but you also need to consider that 2 points of the primary stat seem to be given on gear level upgrades too that’s not recorded anywhere. I’ll do some more testing an update the guide soon.

  10. So helpful! I wondered about Kyle’s question too. Thanks for the great synopsis!

  11. So if you promote a character at level 1 (say to 5 stars) vs at level 10, are the ending stats the same? Or does the increase in growth stats result in different results?

    In other words, would you be better off promoting a character to 5 stars before leveling or is it a wash?

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