Is it worth it to Spend Money on the Chromium Data Cards?

In the beginning, most definitely! There are a variety of bundles and special offers available in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Store, but in this article we will look at the drop rates of the contents in the Chromium Data Cards and Bundles. Depending on your character roster and which heroes you’re after will likely determine if you spend the crystals on these packs, focus on more “farmable” characters, or rely on the Bronzium Data Cards.

The following are compiled results of Chromium Data Card pulls from the Community. Keep in mind that you have the potential to pull all shards or even 50% characters. There’s a bit of gambling to this investment.  Click on the pie pieces to see more details. Caveat: Subject to change at EA discretion.

Total Sample Size: 280

Chromium Data Card Pulls

The table below is the more granular results by pull count and will give you an idea of the representative sample size of listed percentages.  After recording near 300 pulls, you should average 1 or 2 Characters if you purchase the 8x bundle, with zero being unlikely but possible.  Receiving 3 or 4 characters out of the bundle is less frequent, but would be one of your luckier purchases.   I’m also stating to see some trends develop.  It appears you are more apt to pull certain Characters and Shards of Heroes that are currently Chromium Pack exclusives, such as Kit Fisto, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Princess Leia.

Item Pulled Count
Full Characters
1* Clone Sergeant 2
1* Ewok Scout 3
1* First Order TIE Pilot 1
1* Geonosian Soldier 1
1* IG-86 1
1* Nightsister Acolyte 4
1* Nightsister Initiate 1
1* Snowtrooper 3
2* Ahsoka Tano 2
2* Biggs Darklighter 2
2* Ewok Elder 2
2* Greedo 2
2* Jawa 1
2* Jedi Guardian 2
2* Kit Fisto 4
2* Magnaguard 2
2* Mob Enforcer 1
2* Teebo 1
2* Qui-Gon Jinn 2
3* Aayla Secura 3
3* Asajj Ventress 1
3* Cad Bane 5
3* Darth Maul 1
3* Hoth Rebel 1
3* IG-88 1
3* Luke Skywalker 1
3* Luminara Unduli 1
3* Plo Koon 1
3* Princess Leia 2
3* Stormtrooper Han 1
3* Talia 2
3* Tusken Raider 1
4* Admiral Ackbar 1
4* Darth Maul 1
4* Grand Moff Tarkin 2
4* Ima-Gun Di 1
4* Lando Calrissian 1
4* Nute Gunray 1
4* Old Ben 3
4* Old Daka 1
Hero Shards
Aayla Secura Shards x10 5
Admiral Ackbar Shards x12 1
Ahsoka Tano Shards x12 5
Asajj Ventress Shards x12 2
Biggs Darklighter Shards x12 5
Boba Fett Shards x12 1
Cad Bane Shards x10 3
Clone Sergeant Shards x12 3
Coruscant U Police Shards x12 6
CT-5555 Fives Shards x 12 1
Darth Sidious Shards x12 3
Darth Maul Shards x10 2
Dathcha Shards x12 1
Eeth Koth Shards x12 1
Ewok Scout Shards x12 7
Ewok Elder Shards x12 6
First Order TIE Pilot Shards x12 4
General Veers Shards x12 5
Geonosian Soldier Shards x12 9
Grand Moff Tarkin Shards x10 1
Greedo Shards x12 3
Hoth Rebel Shards x12 1
Hoth Rebel Scout Shards x12 1
Hoth Rebel Scout Shards x24 1
IG-86 Shards x12 8
IG-88 Shards x12 3
Jedi Consular Shards x12 9
Jedi Guardian Shards x12 4
Jedi Knight Anakin Shards x12 4
Kit Fisto Shards x10 13
Lando Calrissian Shards x10 1
Lobot Shards x12 1
Luminara Shards x12 2
Mace Windu Shards x12 1
Magnaguard Shards x12 4
Mob Enforcer Shards x12 3
Nightsister Initiate Shards x12 10
Nightsister Acolyte Shards x12 3
Nute Gunray Shards x12 3
Obi-Wan Kenobi Shards x10 4
Old Daka Shards x12 1
Plo Koon Shards x12 1
Princess Leia Shards x10 12
Qui Gon Jinn Shards x10 12
Resistance Pilot Shards x12 3
Royal Guard Shards x12 9
Snowtrooper Shards x12 5
Stormtrooper Han Shards x12 2
Talia Shards x12 1
Teebo Shards x12 6
Teebo Shards x24 (Bug ?) 1
Tusken Raider Shards x12 2
Ugnaught Shards x12 3
URoRRuR’R’R Shards x12 3

The greatest return on investment will be for new players or those with limited characters unlocked. Once you have activated a Hero, you’ll receive less than half the shards needed to unlock the character. For example, if you already have a 4* Old Daka and get another, you’ll only receive 32 Shards rather than the 80 worth of Shards needed to unlock initially. However, big spenders will find these packs ideal for capping out 7*s much faster and be able to use Characters only available in the Chromium Data Cards, but they definitely have diminishing returns once more than half your characters are unlocked.

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  1. So, I’ve been playing for two weeks and spending more time than I should playing. Just opened my first 8 pack Chromium cards. Oh my… I got lucky! 2 star Mob Enforcer, 3 star Chief Chirpa, 3 Star Plo Koon and… a 4 Star Darth Sidious plus shards for Lando, Aayla, First Order Officer and Cad Bane. I’m thinking I did pretty well. :)

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  3. I used to save for 8x chromium pack’s till I realized that I only get characters and shards of non-farmable Toon’s. Now all I buy with crystals is gear that’s too hard too farm. I would rather spend 1400 crystals on stun cuff’s that everyone need’s.

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  6. I’ve noticed that no one seems to be talking much about the viability of spending crystals on timer refreshes (i.e. 50 crystals for 3x farming attempts in dark/light side hard-mode campaign battles). It seems like everyone is assuming that it is not worth the 50 crystals to do this.

    In general, I agree that it is not good value to spend 50 crystals for only 3x more attempts. The drop-rate for shards from the light/dark side hard-mode battles appears to be about 33.3%, or one in every 3 attempts. This translates to 1 shard for every “refresh”, or 1 shard for every 50 crystals spent.

    It’s worth noting that this drop-rate basically makes the shipments worthless (i.e. why spend 100 crystals on 2 shards when you can spend 100 crystals on 2 refreshes and get xp, credits, and gear along with your shards?), and the 100 crystal refreshes are even more worthless, unless you’ve already refreshed the timer once for all the farming locations and you’re just absolutely desperate to get just a couple more shards of that one character and maybe also drunk.

    Anyways, I think it’s also worth pointing out that theoretically, there is some value in using the timer refreshes if you are trying to obtain a character that doesn’t drop much via the cards and is also difficult to farm. For example, Royal Guard only drops as a 1* character from the cards, and the only way to farm him (her? how would you know with those huge robes?) is to spam the hard-mode battles, of which there are currently only two, one of which only becomes available after most of the dark-side campaign is complete. In other words, don’t expect to get him/her to 7* any time soon unless you’re willing to spend money to refresh the timer a bunch of times or spend something like $10,000,000,000,000 on data cards.

    Overall, the timer refreshes provide terrible value for your money, and the only real reason I can see to use them are if there’s a character that’s incredibly difficult to get that you just absolutely have to have and the only way to get the character to 7* before your 90th birthday is to refresh the timer. And, of course, even if you do decide to refresh the timer a bunch of times, EA will probably make it available via the Cantina battles as soon as you do get it to 7*, totally invalidating all of the time and money that you spent to accomplish that in the first place.

    • My strategy is to spend it on cantina energy. I get on average 3-5 shards for the 100 crystals as well as I get 204-220 cantina money so that equates to almost 3 shards from that store. That means 6-8 shards for a mere one hundred crystals. You also have the other bonuses and the 10 sim tickets that comes with the purchase.

  7. With our new guide for shards and crystal cheats you wont be needing to spend a dime !

  8. The chromium vs Cantina/Energy collection calculation misses 2 points:
    – The Cantina/Energy gives you the gear equipment, they are more important than shards in building powerful players once you unlock enough characters
    – The Cantina/Energy gives you the ability to select the shards of characters you want to unlock (of which many are powerful like Poe, Boba Fett, IG-88 and CT-5555, and gives you a good team to collect GW & Arena credits quickly to get even more powerful characters like Darth Sidious, Luminara and Savage Opress), while Chromium cards gives you a wider selection of shards, but in random uncontrolled manner.

    For myself I believe a balance between Chromium cards and Cantina/Energy purchases are a better choice than a single strategy.

  9. I’m FTP and I’ve been buying chromium cards whenever I get enough crystals since I started playing. I’m level 52 and have about 20 characters.

    This guide is saying it might not be worth it, but honestly is there anything else I should be spending crystals on? Are shard shipments worth it, considering they’re pretty expensive and only give you two or three shards? I don’t really want to buy extra sim tickets or energy with my crystals.

    • No, shard shipments aren’t worth wasting of crystals. Even for really viable characters like Rey or FOTP.
      I spend 100 crystals every day for my Cantina energy.
      You spend 2500 crystal for 8 cards. They will bring you 60-70 shard of heroes you’re are very likely don’t need, can unlock you some characters which are impossible to promote further and can be useful only at the beginning.
      Yes, you actually have a small chance to get really worthy character that you can farm further (Dhaka, Rey, FOTP, Bariss, Dooku and some other), which commonly doesn’t happen, and get not more than 36 useful shards.
      Now let’s count what gives you every day cantina energy refills for 2500 crystals, i.e 25*120 energy = 3000 additional energy.
      1) 375 battles for Geo Soldier, which is normally 80-100 shards of him.
      2) 4875 cantina credits, which you can transform into 60 shards of Qui-Gon Jinn, Dhaka, Fives, Boba or Poe: not the worst characters.
      3) 375000 credits.
      4) Training droids which can grant you 123750 experience (it’s enough to train your character from 1 to 57 lvl).
      5) Ability Materials including appr. 20 purple ones that you will always be short of.
      6) 3000 experience which will increase your level.
      I guess one Cantina Energy refill every day is better even if you will be extremely lucky with your Chromium Cards.

      • This is the best comment (reply) I’ve seen for this post. So logical. I won’t buy chorium pack from now on, I’m gonna spend crystal for cantina energy. Thank you :)

        • Btw, I do buy Chromium Packs. Normally, I get 200-250 crystals per day and use only 100 of them for 1 Cantina energy refill. The rest I save for Chromium. In terms of math, it is still better to buy additional cantina energy refill or regular energy refills. But opening Chromium is a kind of fun. It’s exciting and fascinating. It’s gambling, after all. You’re anticipating getting 2,5k extra crystals. Ah!.. I prefer even to lose some game advance but to get additional fun.

      • Great example, but only if you are able to use all the extra energy. I’m F2P, and don’t always even have the time to use the energy that’s available. From that standpoint, saving for the cards seems the best use. I realize I’m not maximizing the game…but it is a game, and I’m having fun with it. A little bit at a time.

        • What time are U talking about? For 100 crystals you buy 120 Cantina energy and 20 Sim tickets. So it takes:
          1) 3 secs to buy energy+sim tickets.
          2) 2 secs to enter Cantina battles menu.
          3) 30-45 secs to press “sim” button 10-15 times (depending on energy consumption of battle you’re simulating).

  10. It really boils down to how many characters you already own. If you don’t have a lot of characters, getting 4x and 8x packs are incredible values for your team. The likelihood of getting decent troops is fairly high, but there is also a high chance for disappointment. You’ll likely get 25% chance for a full character.

    When you get up to around 30 characters, 8x packers are NOT worth it at all. You’ll likely get very little in return on your investment.

  11. Last week i pulled a 4* Lando in bronzium 4pack 😀

  12. pulled a 4* mace windu

  13. After playing for three weeks and really enjoying the game, I thought I would treat myself to the 8x pack got my birthday. It says it guarantees a character and as I’ve still only got 4 dark side characters I was hoping to get lucky and get one.

    After opening seven I just had shards (4/7 being pretty useless characters too) and thought, great! Can’t wait to see what my character is. Open number eight and…

    Genosian soldier. Which I already own. So got seven shards. Extremely disappointing, I will not be spending any more money on this game.

  14. I got a 4* Ima-Gun Di in a bronzium card

  15. There needs to be different types of packs IMO. Darkside chrome, lightside chrome, and gear packs. You could maximize gamer spending by tempting them to spend money on a shot at what they need rather than what they don’t.

  16. Bought the 8 card one, got shards for consular, greedo, guard, nightsister initiate, kit fisto, qui gon, UG police and got a full Ur’uRUr-whatever his name is so pretty decent

  17. Thanks for the information. I am almost approaching my first 4x card pack So I was wondering if I should buy it.
    If I get this right:
    Assuming the program uses round numbers and the above is an approximation of these, also no characters yet. (for simplicity of calculation)
    75% 11.5 shards (3/4 12, 1/4 10)
    25%/4 = 6.25% 1 star = 10 shards
    25%/4 = 6.25% 2 star = 25 shards
    25%/4 = 6.25% 3 star = 50 shards
    25%/4 = 6.25% 4 star = 80 shards

    so expected shards value
    11.5*75%+10*6.25%+25*6.25%+50*6.25%+80*6.25% = 19 shards
    comparison with buying shards for gems (1 shard = 50 gems)
    single chromium = 2.7 times better
    4x chromium = 2.9 times better
    8x chromium = 3.0 times better

    comparison with buying energy
    light dark campaigns 50 gems for (using 20% from previous poster) about 2 shards = 2 times better then buying shards
    cantina campaign 100 gems for (using 20% from previous poster) 3 shards + 2.4 shards = 2.7 times better then buying shards

    So the best value to invest gems seems the chromium card deals.

    • Easier than that:
      1xCard–> 0.25 Hero (stadistically)–> 350 (gems)–> 350/0.25–>1400 gems/hero
      4xCard–> 1 Hero–> 1330/4–> 332.5 each (5% less)–> 1330/1–>1330 gems/hero
      8xCard–> 2 Heroes–> 2520/8–> 315 each (10% less)–> 2520/2–>1260 gems/hero

      1* Hero–> 10 shards–> 1xCard=140 gems/shard 2xCard=133 4xCard=126
      2* Hero–> 25 shards–> 1xCard=56 2xCard=53.2 4xCard=48.6
      3* Hero–> 50 shards–> 1xCard=28 2xCard=26.6 4xCard=25.2
      4* Hero–> 80 shards–> 1xCard=17.5 2xCard=16.625 4xCard=15.75

      For shards:
      1xCard–> 350 gems–> {350/0.75}/10-12 (10/12 is the number of shards rewarded)–> 46.6667-38.8889 gems/shard

      Going tables:
      350 gems–> 7 refresh (1st daily)–> 70 battles at 12 energy or 52.5 at 16–> 14 shards at 12 energy and 10.5 at 16–> 350/14 and 350/10.5–> 25 gems/shard and 33.333

      Going for full Heroes 4*Heroes, definitevely more profitable the 8xCard Pack. For 3*Heroes, fairly depends, but still the 8xCard Pack seems like a not bad idea if u have to mix 12 and 16 energy battles. For 1* and 2*, tables all the way. Going for shards, tables beat cards badly.

      (These numbers assume that you arent getting duppled Heroes. You have to apply x0.2 once you have 50% Heroes, due to the Hero rewarding approx 40% of its value, you can scale such coefficient, just [{The % of Heroes you currently own}x0.4]/100)

      • You have to combine the hero’s shard equivalent and the shards you get from the chromium pack. Assuming an equal chance for the *level of the hero, that’s 41.25 shard equivalents per hero. So I took the weighted average of .25*41.25 + .75*11 to get 18.5 avg shards per pack. That comes out to a Gem/Shard (g/s) cost of 17-18.8 g/s. Adding in the adjustment for already unlocked heroes, at my 35/71 (~50%) my avg shards per pack is 15.5 and 20.3-22.5 g/s. (This correlates well with the recent 8x pack I got with 20.5 g/s)
        Another curveball to think about is there seems to be a weighting toward the chromium only characters (ie. Leia), so that could improve your shards/pack if you don’t have many of those.
        So, packs seem pretty good at 17-20 g/s compared to 25-42 g/s for energy recharges (42 is Cantina 10 energy battles (ie Kylo))
        But, then consider that grinding tables means you get to choose your shard targets (even if there’s less selection) and you get gear and xp along with shards.

        • Thought it was obviou, sorry:

          1* Hero–> 10 shards–> 1xCard=140 gems/shard 2xCard=133 4xCard=126
          2* Hero–> 25 shards–> 1xCard=56 2xCard=53.2 4xCard=48.6
          3* Hero–> 50 shards–> 1xCard=28 2xCard=26.6 4xCard=25.2
          4* Hero–> 80 shards–> 1xCard=17.5 2xCard=16.625 4xCard=15.75

          1xCard–> (140+56+28+17.5)/4–> 60.375 gems/shard
          4xCard–> (133+53.2+26.6+16.625)/4–> 57.35625
          8xCard–> (126+48.6+25.2+15.75)/4–> 53.8875

          Again assumming you dont gonna get duppled ones.

      • I forgot that Cantina battles also give you Cantina Credit which you can exchange for shards. Adding those together gives you 18.4 Crystals/Shard for the 8 energy Cantina battles (above I called it gems/shard, they are technically crystals not gems) and 20.2 Crystals/Shard for 10 energy battles.
        That’s pretty close to the Chromium values. Plus you get training droids and xp and credits along with your shards. So using crystals for Cantina energy is the way to go. The one trade off is the further limited selection of characters.

  18. I have a question, I need only five shards for unlock Stormtrooper Han, my question is, do I shoudl buy a Chromium Data Card and try luck for get a interesting character or buy a Squad Arena PvP Shipments for get the only five shards for unlock Han?
    I don’t want to spend money in buy crystals, and I have 1098 crystals for playing missions

  19. Chromium packs are a rip-off! $60 on packs and only pulled a First Order Officer – the rest just shards…

    Don’t waste your money on packs – if you really want to spend money on the game, get crystals or the special deals that guarantee characters.

    Awesome site by the way!

  20. What seems to be better opening 350 crystal packs or in bulk such as the x8? It seems to be about a 50/50 chance to get a character in the single packs compared to getting one or two if you’re lucky in the x8 pack.

    • Hero drop rate is the same per pack whether bought in 1x or 8x bundles. (Though the text at the bottom of the Chromium packs suggests they weighted the Kylo Ren drop rate to be higher in the 8x pack)

  21. pulled 4* HK-47 from one pack. fine with that.

  22. Can you get Count Dooku from a chrom card?

  23. Very happy with my pull! I bought the 7 day bonus shard deal ($4.99), and after an agonizing wait (5 days?), I got 5 full characters:Resistance Trooper,Qui-Gon Jinn, Cad Bane, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul

    Shards: Clone sargeant shards 13/15
    Resistance Pilot shards 12/25
    Mace Windu shards 14/80

  24. Thanks so much for this article.
    Oh also, I Pulled a 4* Jedi Knight Anakin in a 350 crystal Chromium Data Card (needs to be added to the list).

    I also was lucky enough to get a 4* Lando in a 350 crystal Chromium Data Card (bought a 4x Chromium pack between the two 350 crystal packs)

  25. I forgot which is the post mentioning chances to get hero shards from ally point chromium. (Fail to search the post, it is surely either from here or EA official posting)
    Please help me to edit it into post.
    Atm my Chew is only at 5 star. Just got a lucky free ally point pulling and got Chew and it become 25 shards of Chew.

  26. Nice post, I will stick to being patient instead of investing money. I guess I’ve been quite lucky though, since I pulled 3* CT-5555 Fives from a Chromium Data Card and 4* Old Daka from a Bronzium Data Card.

  27. I have a couple of questions. My HUD says next to my characters that I have 3+ (notification), does that mean I have 3 new characters to use, cause I don’t see them in that category. I’m trying to decide how much I should spend (crystals), on chromium data cards, are the crystals hard to come by? Should I wait to get them on my daily challenges, i.e. more crystals, same thing with banking credit packs, how much credits do you get for 85 crystals and 595?

    • That means that 3+ characters have upgrades available, usually in the form of gear upgrades. Mine reads 3+ most all of the time.

      You should spend your crystals on chromium cards. Try to save for the 8 card bundle.

      • Thanks redsoxu571. I knew it had to do with upgrades, even after upgrading all of characters I still have 2 next to my icon, and yet I cant upgrade any character, hmmmm, no biggie. I resolved my second question about crystals.

        my ally code is 445-654-124

        go sox!!!

  28. Nice post!

    Question: do you plan on writing anything on the avarage drop of hero shards per fight on the hard mode?

    I’ve been doing some math and have come to some figures:

    *considering the daily amount of energy that is restored over time (not considering any other sources), it’s possible to fight 20 matches on the hard mode each day. If the drop rate of hero shards per fight is 20% (1/5), we would have the following figures (number of days to unlock each char, depending on the cost):

    Char Cost nº of fights nº of days
    10 50 2.5
    25 125 6.25
    50 250 12.5
    80 400 20

    I’ve done some more math on the avg amount of crystals one would acquire each day and other estimatives. The bottom line is that the game is really tough to play without spending money on it. And, even spending money, the rates show that it is a very expensive game… do you agree?

    Is there any way to balance this? Or the only choices are patience or money investment?

    Good job on the blog as a whole!

    • That’s a great idea for another article Jeff. I actually thought about it for purple gear too after going through 200 Energy and pulling zero of the 20 needed to craft an item.

      You can definitely progress faster in the competitive arena by spending a bit, but if you’re free to play it’s not so bad. You can acquire most heroes by shard farming and using the various shipments. The best use of crystals, I think, is just refreshing energy and slowing building up your roster over time.

      I know of quite a few soft launch players that have spent less than $50 and remain competitive with me and others that have spent more than we can count. Just need to be smart on how you use your resources.

  29. Just as an FYI,it is possible to pull a 4* Darth Maul. One of the few packs I have drawn had it.

    • I’ve pulled 3 Darth Maul’s. It’s a tad upsetting they give you half the shards of the current level, rounded down. So even if I pulled him 3 times, I still can’t upgrade his level as I’m missing one single shard (64/65). They should round it up, not down.

      • Oh big whoop. 3 Mauls. Best I get is ewok scout, royal guard, teebo, snowtrooper, and other crappy characters over and over and over and over.

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