Join FTB in SWGoH

After reading about Fear the Boot (FTB), you’ve decided to join us in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.  We currently have no idea what role Guilds, Alliances, or Legions will play in SWGoH, but it has been confirmed in development and we want FTB to be a success and maximize the rewards of our members.  We assume the in-game member cap for a Guild will be rather low, so to accommodate competitive players that want to join, we’ve established 5 Divisions of FTB.  We’re taking a proactive approach so we are ready to go.   If you are interested in taking your Star Wars gaming experience to the next level, join the Boot.

Recruiting is Currently: Restricted

Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where FTB is rarely accepting new members unless you meet one of the following:

  1. You have a friend or family member in FTB already and are a competitive player.
  2. You maintain Top Rankings in Squad PvP on a mature server or are a new player willing to invest significantly to catchup.
  3. You’re a competitive player and an active contributor to this site, the official forums, or the subreddit Community.

Want to Join?

  1. Download the LINE APP. It’s our primary means of Communication.
  2. Send a message on LINE to Kylven and include a few screenshots of your character list.
  3. We’ll have a quick conversation to determine ambition, and send invites to our LINE rooms and instructions on how to access exclusive SWGoHCantina content if accepted.

If you are interested in joining us in any other games, just let us know on LINE.

May the Force be with You!

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