Making Sense of Battle Screen Information

battle mapSeeing as thou Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was just released, I’ll continue to focus on more basic topics for a short while. In this article, we’ll take a look at the variety of information and damage numbers displayed while engaged in battle. Working our way down the image from the top and left to right, you’ll understand it all in no time.

Battle Timer – The only time you need to worry about finishing your opponent in a certain amount of time is during the Player versus Player Squad Arena. Should you not eliminate all your opponents in the allotted time, the battle will result in a Draw and you will not advance ranks.

Enemy Target – The profile image of the character in the top right is your current target along with their remaining health bar in green.

Enemy Health – Both ally and enemy health is represented by green bars with blocks to show the relative health pool of the character. As Heroes are damaged, the bar will deplete and change from green to yellow and finally red, just before death.

Enemy Debuff – Allies and Enemies inflicted with a detrimental status effect or debuff will display a red icon with a unique symbol above their heads. The one in the image above represents “Ability Block”, but you can hold your finger over the icon to see what detrimental effect is applied to a character. The same can be done for the green icons that identify if a positive effect is active on a Hero.

Turn Meter – The blue line under the health bar is your turn meter. This gauge fills up after any character takes a turn and is replenished in accordance with the speed stat of the hero. The higher the speed, the more turns a character can execute in a battle.

Allies Turn – The character portrait in the bottom left of the screen identifies which hero of your squad is next to take an action.

Leader and Unique Abilities – The smaller icons in the bottom right corner are your passive abilities applied to that character. If the active hero has a unique ability or if your Squad Leader’s ability effects this character, they will be displayed. Remember, the only leader ability active is that of the first Hero of your Squad.

Basic and Special Abilities – The larger icons in the bottom right corner are your active abilities. The left is your Basic ability that has no cooldown and to the right of it are your Special abilities that required a cooldown after each use. You can hold your finger on any ability icon to read the description.

What do all the Colors Mean for the Damage Numbers

Screenshot_2015-11-30-15-06-29-1Green = Health restored to HP Pool
Red = Physical type Damage
Blue = Special type Damage
Yellow = Physical or Special Critical Damage
White = Everything else, such as Resists, Dodge, Damage over Time, armor piercing ability activation etc.

Why are those important? Each type of damage, regardless if it generated from a basic or special ability, is run through a formula to determine how much damage to apply. The physical damage type is reduced by the Armor stat, and evade chance by the Dodge stat. Therefore, one could counter Boba Fett, who only deals physical damage, by running characters with high armor and/or dodge. The Special Damage type is reduced by the Resistance Stat, and evade chance by the Deflection Rating Stat. Bringing in characters with high Resistance and Deflection would have a better chance of warding off strong Special attacks from the likes of Veers, Dathcha and others. This is one type of theory-crafting that will make this game quite interesting in the coming years by developing various counter strategies.

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  2. This Ned’s updated there is an additional bar appearing above characters at the beginning of the round, like bonus health? Must attack and deplete it befor you start affecting health bar? Happens in GW and pvp

    • Yeah, that’s protection. You can’t restore protection with a heal, and all protection must be removed before damage to the normal green health bar can be done.

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  4. Target enemy’s life bar doesn’t work anymore since last update (?). Does it happen to anyone else?

  5. Do characters with strong Special Damage attributes and “(Special)” attack skills that have descriptions specifying Physical damage (e.g. Sid, Phasma, HK) really ignore the Special Damage attribute or is the description incorrect when it states that the skills deal Physical damage?

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