Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Beginners Guide

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH) is a mobile game that focuses on strategic party battles. It’s not a Card game in the same vein as Blizzard’s Hearthstone or Star Wars Force Collection and it’s not truly an RPG either. The game has elements of many popular mobile games, but probably shares the most similarities with Heroes of Dragon Age and Summoners War. As far as mobile apps go, this game looks amazing. The environments, animations, and characters are all rendered in great detail which provides a great sense of immersion. The intent of this post is not to provide a review, but outline the basics of the features and mechanics of the game.  This guide will be updated as SWGoH evolves and matures, but you’ll want to read our Early Game Character Progression Guide once the following has been absorbed.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tutorial

The premise is that you are a patron of a Cantina and playing a series of hologames using popular Characters of the Star Wars Universe. You’ll begin the game by going through a short Tutorial and be locked out of many game features (Dark Side Campaign, Allies, PvP, Events, etc…) until you’ve reached a certain player level. Just keep progressing and the full game will be available to you soon enough.

Acquiring Heroes


Everyone starts off with a few basic Heroes, but then you’ll need to progress through the game, pull data cards, and farm to collect more powerful characters. The easiest way to collect Star Wars Characters is from Data Cards (Packs). If you are going to spend any money on this game, buy the Chromium Data Pack bundles for your best chances to unlock characters. This will give you an edge in the early stages of the game and allow you to spend time upgrading stronger Heroes immediately.

Each Character can also be unlocked by farming Shards. Go to your character screen, and on the holo image of a hero, you will see a Find button. This will show you what battles have the option of looting a Shard for that Character or you can just check the character pages in our database. Shards are also obtainable by completing achievements or purchasing a variety of shipments. Once you’ve acquired the requisite number of Shards, you can activate the character. Relative power of your Heroes is effected by Promotions, Training, Gear, and Ability Levels.  If you are clueless on which characters to go after during the early stages, you can view our recommendations or use the Abilities Database, Squad Synergy tool, or Rankings List to design your own powerful group.

Training and Promoting Characters


Characters unlock at a specific Star level regardless of the pack you pull it from.  The more powerful Heroes require 80 Shards to unlock as a 4*, 50 as a 3*, 25 as a 2* and 10 as a 1*.  Promotion is one of the best ways to increase a hero’s strength and one of three ways to increase a characters stats.  The Star Promotion level effects the primary stat gains of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence per Number level.  The 2nd way to increase a Hero’s power is to train them by using remotes. This increases the character’s level to a Max equal to your Player Level. Be sure to not overtrain.  Start with the highest star training remote and drop it by one, then rinse and repeat until you get to the 1 star training remote to cap off the level. This way you are not wasting the experience received from higher tier remotes when hitting level cap.  More details on the correct way to train.  Feel free to read more about how Levels and Stars effect a characters stats in our articles section.

In the beginning, you will find credits in abundance, but around the mid 40’s credits become a premium resource. Take steps early to conserve credits and only focus on training, promoting, and gearing your 10 best Heroes (5 Light Side & 5 Dark Side). Prioritize the 5 Characters of your PvP Arena Squad and then the other 5. As leveling slows down, you can then start focusing on other characters you intend to build up for various playstyles, Events, and Challenges.

Cost of Promoting a Hero

When promoting characters, plan on saving credits a bit beforehand.

Promotion Credit Cost Shards Cost
1* to 2* 10K 15
2* to 3* 20K 25
3* to 4* 100K 30
4* to 5* 250K 65
5* to 6* 500K 85
6* to 7* 1 Million 100

Some of you may want a different view of this.  You may be farming a character and using the shard location guide because the ingame “Find” button disappears when a hero is eligible for a promotion.  You could continue to farm shards until a character is worth promoting or you have the credits to 7 Star, or simply just want to get enough shards for when the time comes.  To prevent you from overfarming, here’s what you’ll need.

Promotion Credit Cost Shards Cost
1* to 7* 1.88 Million 320
2* to 7* 1.87 Million 305
3* to 7* 1.85 Million 280
4* to 7* 1.75 Million 250
5* to 7* 1.5 Million 185
6* to 7* 1 Million 100

 Gearing Your Heroes


The 3rd way to increase a character’s performance is by gearing them up. Gear is very linear and does not allow for customization. You click on an empty gear spot and find which battle potentially drops the item as loot. Complete the missions, equip all six slots of gear, and promote the gear level which will consume all the equipment into the Hero’s stats and open up all six slots again. This will change the portrait in your character list from white, to green, blue, and finally purple. Each tier of gear gets progressively more difficult to acquire and eventually you’ll need to craft various subcomponents before creating the piece of gear that actually equips. Characters require a certain gear level before some abilities will unlock.

Character Abilities

There are 4 types of abilities. The Basic ability is your standard attack that has no cooldown. Special Abilities do something distinct for that character and you’ll need to wait a few turns before you can use it again. Leader Abilities provide a set bonus to your Squad if that character is the first one in your party. Unique Abilities are passive benefits provided by that character. Understanding abilities and synergies between Characters will have great impact on your group’s battle performance. You can review the entire list of Character Abilities in our database.  Characters can also have their Abilities upgraded, by acquiring Ability Material.  Keep an eye on your character sheets to see if you can improve a Hero’s skill.

Battle Screen & Status Effects

status effects

Many characters in SWGoH have abilities that either provide a positive effect to a Squad member or a negative effect to the opponents. These are represented in game by small icons hovering over the character’s heads. Green are positive effects and red are detrimental or negative effects. You can view the full descriptions of each effect in our article covering Positive and Negative Status Effects.

battle map

Feel free to also review our article on battle screen information and damage numbers.


There are many forms of Currencies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Crystals, Credits, Cantina Credits, Energy, Cantina Energy, Crystals, Arena Tokens, War Tokens, Sim Tickets & Social Points.

crystalsCrystals are the premium currency used to buy Data Cards, Shipment Crates, and recharge various Energies.
creditsCredits are used to train & promote characters, buy shipments, and craft gear.
cantina creditsCantina Credits are earned by winning Cantina Battles and used to buy items in Cantina Shipment Crates.
energyEnergy is replenished over time and needed to complete Dark & Light Side Battles.  Bonuses of 45 Energy can be claimed daily during 3 two hour periods of the day (12:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00, and 21:00-23:00, all in your local time).
Cantina Energy is replenished over time and needed to complete Cantina Battles.
arena tokensArena Tokens are awarded by completing Squad Arena Battles and are used to purchase Arena Shipment Crates.
war tokensWar Tokens are awarded by defeating enemies and opening chests in the Galactic War map and are used to purchase Galactic War Shipment Crates.
simsSim Tickets are given in various battles victories and when recharging energy.  They are spent to automatically resolve or Simulate a battle as a win for those missions that a player has already achieved a 3 star in Victory.
social pointsAlly Points are granted by using allies and someone using your Leader as their 6th party member, and are used to purchase Bronzium Data Cards.
Shard Currency are accumulated by extra shards of your 7* characters and may be used to purchase other shards.

Light & Dark Side Campaign Battles

You’ll begin the single player campaign with the Light Side and unlock the Dark Side battles as you level up and acquire Dark Side characters. The Dark Side is the more difficult of the two campaigns and will require some strategic decisions to progress. There are normal and hard mode battles. The hard mode battles cost twice the energy of normal to play and you are limited to 3 attempts per mission per day. The normal battles are ideal for outfitting your Heroes with gear while hard mode battles reward you with twice the XP and are one of the locations to farm character shards.

Cantina Battles

squad cantina battles

Cantina Battles are much like the Campaign versions, but reward you with Shards for other characters, Cantina Credits and Ability Material for upgrades.  These battles differ in that there is no hard mode, you pull from the Cantina Energy resource to battle, you’re not restricted to Light Side or Dark Side Characters, and the energy recharges a bit slower.


Everyday there are various Challenge battles that test your ability to build a Squad that can defeat the enemy under certain conditions.  You’ll need to take with you Characters that can mitigate the boss’ strengths. You’ll need to carefully review Hero Abilities before going into battle and adjust based on what you will be facing. You can acquire training remotes, STR gear, AGI gear, INT gear, Ability Upgrades, and Credits up to 3-5 times per day. It is recommended that you complete each Challenge every day.

PvP Squad Arena

In its current state, the PvP Squad Arena allows for 5 battles per day and rewards you with Arena Tokens that can be spent to acquire shipments of Shards for powerful Characters like Darth Sidious. You’ll receive tokens for completing the daily activity and granted a substantial reward based on your Rank in the leaderboard at your designated payout time.  You’ll want to refresh your list of opponents and try to find a competitor with less Power and a higher Rank than you. Leaderboards consist of roughly 10,000 players and your assigned server is based on the date you joined the game.  The Power value represents the strength of an opponent formation taking into account level, Stars and gear. Once you’ve acquired enough Arena Tokens, you can then purchase a shipment of 5 Shards for the Character of your choice.

Galactic War

galactic war

This is a marathon type PvP experience that requires a lot of thought and foresight to go the distance. Unlike the Squad Arena where you pit your best 5 characters against others, the Galactic War is more a game of attrition.  Likely winners will be those that have advanced a significant amount of Characters and utilize them at opportune moments.  You’ll battle through a map unlocking chests with rewards for each victory until reaching the end of the board.  Each day you begin with every character at full health. When a character is defeated or damaged, that progress carries over into the next battle if chosen. Those that have died cannot be used and damaged heroes begin the next battle with remaining health.  Special ability cooldowns also carry over.  You’ll need to think long and hard when viewing your next opponent and available characters…who in your collection would most benefit to participate.  For example, bringing a healer out to top off the health of your more powerful characters during an easier match is a viable strategy.



The Daily quests are the bread and butter of progressing your Player Level. These should be completed daily to keep forward momentum. Think tactically. If you are farming Count Dooku Shards, complete Dark Side 1-C and Light Side 1-C Hard Modes three times each. You’ll receive Dooku Shards and finish a few dailies; Complete 3 LS Battles, Complete 3 DS Battles, Complete 5 Hard Mode Battles. Dailies are also great for obtaining Crystals for Premium Data Cards, purchasing shipments, or recharging energy. Here’s a quick Daily checklist:

  1. Complete all your Daily Quests
  2. Finish all Challenges
  3. Pull free Data Cards whenever timer is up
  4. Complete all Squad Arena Battles
  5. Purchase wanted items from Shipment Crates every 6 Hours
  6. Go the Distance in Galactic War
  7. Complete all Events
  8. Farm Shards and Gear
  9. Progress the LS & DS Campaigns
  10. Progress Cantina Battles

Learn to love the Autoplay and SIM tickets for farming activities that your Party can easily defeat without optimal strategy. This is a lifesaver and allows for multitasking. Also, energy regenerates slowly so it should be fairly easy to keep it from capping out without consuming your existence (unlike in many other games).  Make sure Energy in all game features is depleted before closing your eyes for the night.



Events are specifically designed content that can be completed daily (Profit Mining, Training Droids Hunt) or available for a designated period to unlock characters or receive some other reward.

Shard Shop

shard shop

The shard shop will convert any extra character shards of 7 Starred Heroes into 15 Shard Currency.  You can then choose to purchased shards for other characters, including exclusive ones.

We will expand this guide as the game matures.

Please see our other articles to increase your knowledge of the SWGoH meta game. If you’ve enjoyed this guide or the site, please consider supporting us.

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  11. I don’t understand how to acquire armor for my characters – Is this done by assigning certain gear?

    I’m seen in PvP battles opponents have an additional bar above their health bar, is that the armor?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Once a character gets level 7 gear, a new state, “Protection,” is unblocked. It’s basically extra hit points that are used up first when the character gets hit. They don’t get restored by healing abilities.

      Mods (which can be put on a character once they hit level 50) can also add protection, either as a flat number, or a percentage bonus on top of an existing number.

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    A list of things I’d like to see:
    – GW rewards by level
    – refresh times (utc and local time)
    – Challenge rewards, and their availability.
    – Event rewards (I didn’t know you could get the emprorer in stage 5 until I completed stage 4).
    – Squad arena rewards.
    – Energy and cantina energy gain rates.
    – Cantina and normal energy refresh costs
    – Cantina coin rewards by level
    – Shard shop rates (These were a surprise when I opened the shard shop for the first time, yikes).
    – Drop rates of stuff (that’s hard to get, I know, but I’ve seen some stuff like this on this webpage before).

    You don’t need paragraphs of explanation, just a sentence on sections where the table might be misleading.

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  23. something I am still not clear on. what does the little ring around the character icons mean? I know it changes color based on gear level but some of them look different then others even when at the same gear level. been trying to find an explanation for a while now.

    • They are gear coloured coded. Green for gear 1 – 3, blue for 4 – 6, purple for 7 – 11 and gold for 12. Each gear adds two pips to the ring or a colour change and from gear 8 onwards, the pips are joined together bit by bit. :-)

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  35. You’s removed the option in selling unwanted items. How can we sell them now?
    The information i sent to the site was NOT how can I sell unwanted characters.
    Mainly on How can I sell unwanted items.

  36. What is the access card? I´m level 56 and i don´t understand what´s that, where can i find it?

    • Christian AC 128-684-354

      They removed that in the last major update.
      And to be completely honest you aren’t missing out on anything because instead of the events table it split in to two tables one consisting of key cards that had a limited time of use to unlock key card battles that are now called training droid hunt and profit mining. Although you unlocked them with the key cards it still required 50 energy to play and had next to no payout use. So basically they were pointless as are the new events if you ask me.

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  38. My characters have colored rings green and blue so far, how do I change those?

    • This indicates your gear lvl of the character. You level up the gear, by upgrading, after you filled in the 6 spots of your current gear lvl. (green < blue < purple)

      • Thanks. Am I understanding correctly that once I level my armor to level 6 then I’ll get to blue and I’ll then try to relevel my armor to 6 again?

        • Christian AC 128-684-354

          Not sure what you’re trying to get at but the gear works like this
          The colours refer to their gear level. If you look closely you’ll also notice each colour has different stages because they have little notches around the inner edge of the circle.

          From memory, gear level goes:

          Level 1: Plain white border.
          Level 2: Plain green border.
          Level 3: Green border with 2 notches (one on either side).
          Level 4: Blue border with 2 notches (one on either side).
          Level 5: Blue border with 4 notches (2 on either side).
          Level 6: Blue border with 6 notches (3 on either side).
          Level 7: Purple border with 6 notches (3 on either side).
          Level 8: Purple border with 6 notches (3 on either side), but now with a connecting line between 2 notches on either side. Hard to explain but you’ll know what I mean if you see it.
          (Credit to slushie from

  39. I have no usable heros that revive allys… I’m wondering. . If in the GW, can you revive a hero that died in a previous round? Does it carry over in GW the same way health and cooldowns do?

    • Christian AC 128-684-354

      Good question I was wondering about that also

      • Hero revive abilities work only within the current battle. You cannot revive heroes that have died in a previous GW battle. However, in campaign (DS/LS) battles, you can revive a hero that has fallen in one of the previous 3 battles.

  40. if i only need 1 more shard to promote and bought a 5 shard.will 4 shards carry over?

  41. How do you be an ally to someone else’s battle?

    • They have to add you as an ally (friend) first. Go to Allies on the home screen, locate your code at the top left and send it to them to add you. I think you can use an ally friend once every 4 hours.

      • Hey I cant figure out how to change my ally hero. It looks like i am stuck having the royal guard as my hero, and i cant figure out how to change that. As a result, i dont think many people will want to ally with me if i cant change that lol..

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  45. Had a qns:
    Since fixed stats increases upon the no. Of stars upgraded by collect shards. Do i have to wait until a character unlock all 7 stars before lvling them so as to enjoy the boost in those stats. Is there some kind of balancing that adds back to the stats every star upgrade?

    • No need to wait till your character be 7 stars to start leveling.

      Either way you do it, will end up with same attributes at the end. When you upgrade your heroes from one star to another the attributes are added based on the level.

  46. I am having quite a serious problem which would make me stop playing if it doesn’t come right – I have the parts and required level for many ability upgrades but the game will not let me upgrade abilities on half of my characters. I can’t upgrade Luminira’s or Chewy’s abilities at all since yesterday.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  47. You need a ton patience. . But if you don’t spend and look for any value you can… don’t use Sim tickets … you only get 10 ally coins per battle if sim… if borrow a friends hero you get 20 per

  48. Ok.. biggest issue is who really goes first I bring lobot in my robot squad yet opponent goes first with hk47 as lead.. also sometimes health on enemy goes up for no reason and hate how I kill data yet she somehow uses her own ability to revive lmao…. also don’t listen to anyone if say there’s strategy to pvp.. just Bring highest damage squad you have period. . Synergy is way down the list

    • So yeah…my squad still has way higher overall speed than my pvp opponent… yet they go first every time… is that a benefit of being I’m high rank in pvp?

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  52. Does someone know if it is possible to connect on two different phone with the same account?

    • Download Helium Premium ($5). You can back up your save to Dropbox, uninstall and reinstall on device 2. Use Helium to “restore” your saved game before opening it up. You can now play on either device and the save will be the same.

      • If you’re playing your game while linked to Google Play (accessed within the game’s Options menu on the top left) then it will load your save on any Android device using your account, there is no need for complicated backups/restores.

    • i use on my phone and on laptop with bluestack, I dont see why not

  53. What is the solution for Count Doku or the closes thing?
    And has anybody out there out together a primo Ewok Squad just so wondering who knows

  54. I just started playing this and the Bronzium data cards got me confused. Is there a limit on the number of free bronzium data cards? I’ve got a notification on it that won’t go away, but the 20 minute timer is gone and the only option for me is to ‘Buy’. Not sure if this is just an error or what. Thanks in advance!

    • After all the “free” timer ones…. the ones you buy are technically free too. You get 10 or 20 points in every dark side, light side, and cantina battle you fight…. and can buy tokens with every 250 ally tokens you have. They are at the top next to the bronze fist symbol

    • You get 5 free per day, refreshing at midnight for your local time. The “Free” option will show up tomorrow.

  55. Has anyone else noticed that the green war tokens have been majorly Nerfed. When you do the galactic war instead of getting 400 tokens you now only get 100 and 600 becomes 200. Its utter BS. Cause it says 400 in the rewards and then you only get 100! WTF this game is becoming a major grind and when that happens I bail out, such a shame cause this game had potential

  56. How come there are 7 different people with the name of Mol Eliza in the PvP? Got bored and scrolled throu the ranks

  57. Does anyone know why I cannot upgrade a character ability even though I have sufficient mats? Eg. I have a 4 star captain plasma with gear level 5. I have her basic at level 3 and her others at level 4. She’s at l50 which is max for me right now.

    When I try to upgrade her basic to l4, the upgrade option is greyed out even though I meet all pre requisites. This now seems to be true for my other characters as well

    I’m not confusing this with level requirement as skills you can’t upgrade due to min level req give you a clear warning on the upgrade screen

    Appreciate any help!

  58. Is there only two clone troopers to collect; ct-5555 “fives” and clone seargant phase-1…. its really annoying because the seargants abilities are only good in sync with multiple clones and i’ve seen a clone liuetenant and a clone private phase-1 in campaign battle but they aren’t on the character list

    • Well so far you only have those two as pure clone troopers, i suspect that they will implement the other versions that already exists in the game in the future.

      A tip though, i’ve been told that Plo Koon works good with ct-5555

    • That ku that plo works good with fives but I agree if your going to put a leader out there who supposedly is runing s#!+ with a clone unit doesn’t he need a unit? For real that is a major fumble he should have been held with Yoda and Luke and whomever else wont come out until everybody is broke and burnt out on this game just a message to the maker put your best foot forward in this day in age things move fast and the next greatest thing is already made and in the pipeline, don’t pull any punches unless u got the industry on lock which you don’t because although we all love star wars and this game marvel or someone else could easily bring it. God forbid DC throws there hat in the ring with a DC universe setup that is similar then we are passing up different versions of batman, different color lanterns like lafreeze if you don’t know about lafreeze look him up. Back to the point so I use fives as a leader with his one clone and I have put a gang of work into this cool looking green and white armored clone but he is still weak as hell Cuz I am not going to farm six stars just for him at this point T he is at a higher level then fives but no where as powerful but I battle A.I. who has fives and four clones wtf for real? Make more imperial guards that do more to and more storm troopers and some destroyer droids the ones that role into balls then have a force field and make at least two o. A team please and who cares what it cost because your just gonna sale em to us, in a drop pack. I will pay for my destroyer droids in advance how about seven bucks each starting at 3 stars force field ability at gear level 5. Sorry for the long message folks. Sorry for the grammer I am banging all this out on my phone with a ou public education.

  59. How to save game on android or connect to facebook? I reached lvl 35 as a guest. I want to star to play game on ipad, but don’t know how to transfer saved game?!

    • I forgot to add that there is no option in game settings (connect to facebook) and there is no option of achievements


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  62. What does skill tenancy do?

  63. Already maxed to level 60. Any ideas on more tables will be unlocked?

  64. On my character icons, it has a red number, but every time I go to my character screen, there’s nothing to do, but the red number stays on the character icon. Why??? I’ve looked thoroughly thru each of my characters, and can’t find a single upgrade to do. Need help. Its really bugging me. Lol.

    • Some characters have more than 4 abilities. Scroll down to see the others.

      • Nope, thats not it. I’m showing a ‘3’ in my troops from the main screen, but I cant find anything that is lacking. all equipment is loaded, I dont have any training droids, and I don’t have any skills ups to put in place. what else is there?

        • You probably have equipment to craft.. Some equipment have multiple components that also need to be crafted and will show a green + sign

        • I saw that ‘3+’ also. U need to go through each character and click on the item boxes that are already filled. And some will be able to be combined and upgraded. It’s kinda a pain but that’s why there is a 3+ next to the character icon.

    • im having the same issue. driving me crazy

    • It’s to lvl them up with the training droids

    • Whats the highest level a player can go

    • it means that you have some gear items that can be made, they might be sub pieces and you might not have to rest to completely make the piece of gear but if you click on every slot and see the required pieces, you can click on the required pieces and see that you might be able to craft some of the sub pieces.

    • Also, sometimes it’s train, level up.

  65. Why can’t I add to my ally list. Can’t find the answer anywhere

    • Allies are locked until Player Level 18 and capped at 35

      • I get that. But part of the rewards is getting 10 allies. I’m lvl 40. Showing 9 of 10. Won’t let me add more. Says I have to,make room. Make room where though. Says I have 35 But I can’t pull that reward

        • Wasn’t sure if you found your answer, but I ran into the same problem. I had to delete pending requests to free up room to add more allies.

          • Thanks rumple. That turned out to be my problem. Fixed now.

            Is there a way to get arena tokens if you buy crystals,,or only from arena rewards ??

  66. For ability upgrades, what are the purple mats used for? I see the purpose for the green and blue but can not find a use for the purple.

  67. Great article, and great comments. I’ve been playing for a week, and it’s fun, but it takes me about 2 hours to get through the daily quests and events. Does it get faster at higher levels, or am I looking at a 2 hour commitment a day?

    • Its only gonna get longer as you level up and more areas open up.

      • Thanks. I was afraid of that. I’ll have to think through how to keep it fun and not turn it into a job.

        • I do 10 refreshes a day of various energy and it only takes 20 minutes with SIM tickets. Galactic Wars is about a 40 minutes exercise and the challenges and Squad Arena only take about 15-20 minutes to clear…hmm I guess you’re right. About 2 hours a day if you complete all the daily content.

          • I’m on level 43 but can’t find how to embark in the Galatia wars challenges even though it’s showing as one of my daily challenges. How do I start those?

          • A few observations a month and a half later.
            1. After recharging energy at least once per day, I have tons of passes.
            2. Between passes and conquered levels, it takes me about an hour and a half per day, including Galactic War.
            3. There’s plenty for FTP players until… you get towards the level cap. After that, it’s a grind in every sense of the word. I finally got Poe two days after they nerfed him. And, doing the math, it will take me another two months of daily grind before I can get a 7* Jedi team for the Yoda hunt.
            And, with that in mind, I’m happy for my time, but I think I’m done.

  68. How can i use my other characters? I have about 8 and when i go to the screen to assign my team, i cant find my other characters. How i can see them? It’s so frustrating cause im stuck with a level 1 stormtrooper instead of using my 3 star first order stormtrooper :(

    • I also have the same issue and would be interested to hear from other members about it

      • Some characters can only be used in certain situations. Like u can only use dark side characters for dark side missions and so on. Some missions will only let u use healers or tanks, depending on the mission or situation.

    • right before you go into a battle your team will appear on the screen. tap their picture and select another character on the right. you also may not have activated your new character. go to them in your collection on in the bottom right corner hit activate.

    • Some levels/missions require you to use certain characters (Light/Dark) and others are more specific (support, Jedi, Tank, etc).

  69. Can anyone explain which character is used als an ally? I have Ventress as the char with highest lvl and power. She is the first in my character row. I also use her as leader in all battles possible except light side but friends can only use a much weaker char.

  70. How to connect our accounts to google play or facebook?

  71. Why is my character symbol red with the #3? I can’t figure out what it wants me to do.

  72. I’ve been reading your guide and its really in depth guide, have you consider doing the much needed resources management guide, especially for F2P because I’m in the point where some units starting to fade where there’s nothing I can do about it.

    • And from what I know for F2P the only units that s usable in long run must be only from Shipment and Cantina farming? Is hard battle farming a viable option for F2P?

  73. Is there a strategy to promote first, then train? In other words if I unlock a character, keep him at level one, promote him to 7 stars, and then train him, will he have higher stats than if I train him first then promote?

    • No. it doesnt matter if you promote first, train then or train first, promote then.

      • There is one caveat that you should keep in mind when it comes to training though, the different Star training droids apply different amounts of experience, 1 is I believe 40, 2 star is 150, 3 is 750, etc.

        So keep in mind if you’re training a character that’s level 31 for example, the difference in experience needed is 410 between the two, so if you’re already at level 30 and have gained lets say 200 of the 410 experience you’ll need to add to your larger pool, you only need another 210 to level up to 31. Don’t waste two 2 star training droids, because that would be worth 300 experience points, thus wasting effectively 90 experience points. It would be wiser to use a combination of the smaller training droid with a 2 star to make that upgrade. Does this make sense?

  74. Any way to farm the training things? I am hitting a wall more on having them to even keep the top 5 light/dark team full to max level. I have not been even trying to unlock new fights in the light and dark side’s. Got about 150 stars on both sides just been working on crafting gear for the top 5 team. and doing the other 5 for light and dark team when i have extra. Am I just missing something?

  75. Love the site. Thanks for some excellent articles.

    Anyone know the mechanic of heal immunity? I have Sidious, but healer still regularly land heals on toons that I’ve debuffed with heal immunity. Especially Barriss Offee, heal immunity almost never stops her heals. Its very frustrating

    • Barriss Offee’s ability works by equalizing the whole squads health then adding a small heal on top. The equalization part bypasses heal immunity as it’s not technically a heal, just shifting health between your characters.

  76. Thanks your site is awesome. I had a question on the Cantina. It only awards 13 Cantina credits/battle, meaning 3-4 weeks to get a full Fives or Daka. Seems like forever vs. GW/Arena shipment characters. Am I doing something wrong?

  77. MANY of us are eagerly awaiting guilds and guild PVP, I can tell you once this feature is established, your user’s will double.

    Thanks in advance!!

  78. They really need to adjust the Dooku Counter Strike & Bonus Strike – Got hit 6 times in a row by him & wasted two characters…

    Anyone know what the number in brackets in the Green Battle Button means i.e: BATTLE (3) ?!

    • yeah, he may be the best character in the game so far. I don’t have him yet, but if he is available as an ally I will always pick him up.

    • If you want to counter Count Dooku I suggest using First Order TIE pilot, they are given without charge through daily login bonus. If you upgrade the pilot often, even with 1 star he does massive amount of damage and can kill Count Dooku within 1 turn.

      • Honestly the best deck right now imho (I’m around the 30’s right now after four days of playing) is the healers. Having a level 30+ healer jedi with some upgraded leader skills can make or break some of the harder bosses.

    • I forgot also the number in the bracket indicates number of replays you have left for that battle.

    • That would be the number of times that you may complete that particular battle.

    • how many more times you can do that level per day

    • You can fight that battle 3 times in a day. Between each try there is about 10 minutes cooldown. When the 3 is done, it cannot be played for 24 hours.
      I presume you talk about arena and challenge.

    • This is the number of times it can be completed before it starts the daily reset counter.

  79. Hay guys nice replays, listen I have many of those credit bundles, but I has no access to them how can I open the bag to use them?

  80. Hi

    Does it matter if I max the * first before even leveling the char to lvl 2 or will a 1* that I level have the same stats once its max?


  81. I have a red dot on my characters icon on the main screen, which I know means a gear is available, but when I go into the characters section it doesn’t show the green + sign anywhere. Am I missing something? Is there a gear that needs to be combined within the gear slot? How can I tell which character’s gear needs to be combined?

    • Could be Promotion or ability upgrades.

    • Thats an ability promotion I believe. Does the red dot have any numbers in it? If so then the number tells you how many ability promotions you can do on that character.

      • yeah, there is a number, but I cant tell which character needs the upgrade when I go to the list of characters. Do I have to go through each character individually to see which one has a gear that can be upgraded or is there a way to tell on the main character screen?

        • It seems I’ve done everything backwards and now am paying for it. I’ve neglected to train the few star guys. Have a lit 3 over characters icon, 206K, no energy, 292 SIM, a fully stocked inventory I dont know how to use. What happens when you sell materials & gear? How do I use SIM? I’ve googled … this is the best site for answers!

    • You may not be a high enough level. Some gear requires you have a higher level character.

  82. Anyone know or is it possible to add to the guide like what certain stats do? Like,’tenacity’ ‘speed’ and the rest? Thanks. Great site BTW.

  83. How do you change your name in the squad arena?

  84. Anyone else tired of Count Dooku’s 100% counter attack…that punk drives me MAD.
    Other than that fella, this game is quite fun. Great info above as well. Anyone have a list of Challenges and what days they appear?

    • Yes! The fact that it’s 100% is overpowered.

      • It’s not overpowered at all, you’re just challenging people who have advantage over u. Just focus getting darth sidious in arena shipment ure set. I have level 5 Thalia sidious and chewie without spending a single penny on the game current rank 173 and have not yet deranked

    • Actually it can be countered, use a card that blocks the secondary/alt attack, I haven’t had any problems with him with that and a healer or two.

  85. Is there any way to increase the rarity of a hero after you have unlocked it? Some are light blue some are green some are grey. Any way to up a green to a light blue and so forth?

    • The color around the hero portrait represents what gear level they are. goes from grey, green, blue, then purple. So just find and equip better gear to gain gear level and the color will change accordingly

    • Upgrade the six gear slots for the character then click upgrade gear once you fill all Six up

  86. How do you set your main Hero that your allies will be able to bring along for missions?

  87. Live the site and info. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Now my question… Any idea why I am unable to upgrade a skill when I have the mats and there us no level requirement?

  88. is there a list of characters and their starting star rating? If I unlock Anikin does he start at a lvl 1? or 4? or 7?

  89. I’m level 34. I am running into an annoying issue that I don’t know how to resolve. I have a red dot that say “3+” on the character icon in the cantina. When I go into the character list to see who to upgrade no one needs upgrades, I’m out of training droids, and I don’t have enough shards to advance anyone to the next level. Anyone know what I’m missing?

  90. i love it!

  91. Hello! :) Add me if u want, I’ve got main champ with power over 2300.


  92. thx for the reply Kylven

  93. On the home screen, it shows I have 3 upgrades available on the characters button, but when I click on it, there are no upgrades available, with no new equipment ready to be place (green “+” sign), and no training to be had. What is the “3” showing me?

    • Perhaps promotion or ability upgrade? Those numbers depict if you have the resources to train, promote, or upgrade an ability.

      • I’ve gone through each character I have unlocked, and I can’t upgrade any gear, abilities, etc. now it’s showing “3+” on the home screen’s character button.

      • Check gear that you already have equipped. I had the same problem and realized that some of my characters had geared equipped that was crafted. If I have enough resources to craft another one, then it causes the character button to show available upgrades. However, because I already have a piece of gear equipped to that slot on that character, I never see that I can craft in that location unless I actually select the piece gear that is equipped. It’s a nuisance to have to click through every piece I already have equipped, but it happens and when I see no other possible upgrades, I know that is what’s causing it.

    • It means you can upgrade their attacks and abilities. It’s to the left of the character above “train”

  94. I need some good allies, semi new to the game. Add me 314591147

  95. Does anyone know what the max Player level is?

  96. Automatic vs. manual battle.
    What are the pros and cons of each?
    Why is it that I cannot select a character to attack. It very rarely lets me select where to focus my attack to the point where I get frustrated and let the game do the entire attack automatically.

    • There are times when I have been unable to select the target I wanted to hit as well, seems that may be a bug. Other times one of the tanks may have used an ability forcing you to target them, Chewie and Stormtrooper Han are 2 of the characters that have that ability.

      • I have also seen this on my iPhone. The enemy does not have a taunt up but I am unable to select certain enemies. A bit frustrating

    • You can select who to attack under the automatic function. The game will use special attacks first (weather they are useful or not) then go to primary attacks. Useful for lower level battles when you are out of sims to finish it quickly, less useful for current and higher level battles

  97. Is there a bug on galatic war? getting a bunch of level 60 start up with gear VII above

    • Opponents are pretty random everyday, with the latter half usually being AI bots that can be easily defeated. Some days it’s a cakewalk, others…not so much.

  98. opened my game today it restarted and lost me.wanted me to select a new please.

  99. Better to be top 11th, than 10

    Why can’t a top 6 player attack the top 2, while the top 11th can?

  100. One question about PVP : Can I affect the team other players face when they fight against me ? which characters from my roster are chosen ? those with higher power rating ?

    I could want to assemble a team with lesser rating but higher synergies

  101. Are the mining droids only purpose to be sold for their gold?

  102. Is it possible to get your in game name changed? Loving the game but would love to use my name that my mobile gaming friends in hero’s of dragon age know me by.thank you

    • Unfortunately, many are stuck with the “Mol Eliza” default if they didn’t change it at character creation. I’m sure EA will add that option at some point, but you could try submitting get a support ticket ingame for now.

    • If you click on your player level from the upper left of the home screen, your name with a pencil will be there in the upper right of that screen.

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