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swgohstatsPlease use this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character database and discover each hero’s Final stats to build your favorite Squad with maximum potential and to tailor your play style for the end game. These are the stats many players will use to define the characters they will pursue during their adventure. Click on the names of each Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Character to see more information. If you are on a mobile device, you can flip your phone horizontally for a better view of the table. It is also encouraged to use the column visibility, search, and sort order features to ensure you find the data you are looking for. If you discover a missing character or an incorrect stat, please assist us by Submitting Character info.

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Stat Legend

Health – Is the amount a damage a hero can withstand that gets through Armor or Resistance. If this reaches 0, the character is defeated.
Speed – Determines the rate in which a character gets to take a turn. This is very important during the first couple actions to eliminate high threats and can be indirectly influenced by turn meter gain and reduction abilities.
B-Dam – This is a custom stat that actually makes the Physical Damage Stat useful to the player. It incorporates the damage done by a character’s Basic Ability using the physical damage stat, ability modifiers, and upgrades. There are also many passive abilities and Buffs & Debuffs that will apply during combat, but this is the baseline damage which will be reduced by (Opponents Armor – Attacker’s Armor Penetration). There is also a +/-5% random damage bonus to all abilities.
S-Dam – This is another custom stat that makes the Physical or Special Damage Stats useful to the player. It makes no sense to list Special Damage for characters that do all physical damage. This is the damage done by a hero’s Single Target Special Ability using the appropriate damage stat, ability modifiers, and upgrades, but does not include Resistance mitigation of opponent, crit bonuses, buff or debuff multipliers. There is a +/-5% RNG factor.
A-Dam – This custom stat displays the Area Damage of an ability before applying inbattle conditional damage. These custom stats do not present an ability’s usefulness alone as some may provide other effects that benefit the squad. Pair these numbers with ability effects and synergies, but also speed and other stats to really evaluate whose best for your squad.
Physical Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for Physical abilities.
Special Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for abilities using Special Damage.
Armor – There is more testing to be done here, but it appears as though Armor directly reduces the Final Damage (Ability Damage x in battle multipliers) by the listed amount. For example a Physical Attack with 1,000 damage and +50% from Offense up will hit for 1,500. After an armor check of say 250, the attack will reduce Health by 1,250 provided no other factors. This implementation makes Offense based buffs and debuffs much more attractive than Defensive.
Armor Penetration – In the example above, an Armor Penetration of 50 would reduce the Armor to 200 and allow 1,300 of the damage to pass on to Health reduction making this stat have very little impact on damage.
Resistance – Works in the same manner as Armor, but only 25% of the heroes actually use Special Damage and these abilities typically have cooldowns making this stat even less important than Armor.
Resistance Penetration – Similarly to Armor Penetration, this stat will reduce the Resistance of a Hero by this value and will minimally effect damage reduction overall.
Potency – Increases the chance to apply detrimental effects to opponents.
Tenacity – Increases the chance to ward off detrimental effects.
Health Steal – Returns a HP % of damage dealt to enemies (multiplied if Area Damage)

Hidden Stats due to either being all the same or because they govern other stats and have no value in and of themselves.

Strength (STR) – Increases Health and Armor.
Agility (AGI)
– Increases Physical Critical Rating and Armor.
Intelligence (INT)
– Increases Special Damage and Resistance.
Physical Damage
– Used to calculate damage dealt by all Physical abilities, is based on a characters primary stat, and is mitigated by armor.
Special Damage
– Used to calculate damage dealt by some Special Abilities and is mitigated by resistance.
Dodge Rating
– Determines the chance to evade Physical abilities.
Deflection Rating
– Determines the chance to evade Special abilities.
Critical Damage – Increases the amount of damage dealt by a Critical Hit.

Disclaimer: These stats are not immune to error and we will do the best we can to re-validate these stats with frequent updates after patches and if errors are discovered.

Character Stats

CURRENT DISPLAY = Predicted 7 Star, Level 90, Full Gear XII, Ability Level 8
Based on Game Data 2/20/2016

Phy CR
Spec CR
Armor Pen
Resist Pen
HP Steal
Savage Opress228431235250611147750252321675108%39%30%
Boba Fett 154711014615275062410256441450116%65%0%
Jedi Consular142331194538522041890182321553235%43%5%
Barriss Offee25439122263444490253411675110%54%5%
Aayla Secura24084119446581626936025225811595%61%10%
Count Dooku1465116147435107644701967014210342%51%0%
Old Daka192451363768309651984922530187%49%0%
Grand Moff Tarkin1386610243532772374195243172753279%42%10%
Mace Windu1968412336067237260952551536020137%71%0%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)2799011245053531047720242598%59%15%
Plo Koon1931312641952194250953421630825100%63%0%
General Veers1506712547192604418152113020944142%48%5%
Luminara Unduli172131245053747770975239281590142%43%5%
Darth Maul113939463936209100501959976020%28%20%
Darth Sidious128151615259438285820234501461554%62%15%
Poggle the Lesser1903914438403291751872015754193%50%0%
Asajj Ventress160931065399392970545270271162760%42%50%
Clone Wars Chewbacca270541063114487702671011080122%50%10%
IG-100 MagnaGuard278719942022933360102842026110147%54%15%
Royal Guard32956110394929410304342380158%77%10%
Clone Sergeant - Phase 115919101523331717686023042144520%42%10%
Eeth Koth15995132365467633101201834726817200%41%0%
Ewok Scout1477512751687775817802332699080%47%10%
Hoth Rebel Soldier2726398419639480243711345172%44%5%
CT-5555 Fives3153511933515251382104533483092%59%15%
IG-86 Sentinel Droid15515125649678688043020671950176%49%5%
Darth Vader2942812144296222282443445312251760120%62%15%
Biggs Darklighter1740610845926217716302188213910244%42%0%
Jedi Knight Guardian2678091362320905120237991780225%53%5%
Ewok Elder1782911640167797024520971044%48%10%
Ima-Gun Di2600912551848310483252905613229172%57%15%
Hoth Rebel Scout1695014958767830592552031021175122%54%0%
Tusken Raider28252121478070955244032544101074%44%15%
Ahsoka Tano1353493500670531037120227461100100%20%30%
Cad Bane13471113413766498319019139142097%38%5%
Coruscant Underworld Police13812106465428797498018936318027%51%5%
Geonosian Soldier156071544880773172002444797062%45%0%
Nightsister Initiate30724114403974776156508031829122072%47%25%
Mob Enforcer23163132403632923911102505514115167%51%20%
Kit Fisto273471203831280455110281561535130%71%15%
Nightsister Acolyte1854014737775893368280157101334592%53%0%
Princess Leia14399164452378430203115900202%51%0%
Qui-Gon Jinn165401514607569678202711301716520722240%52%0%
Admiral Ackbar173541194460322602734719037104%57%0%
Nute Gunray1314715061342111834019894860164%42%10%
Stormtrooper Han17872126434571750259601000109%49%15%
Luke Skywalker1716811950018376888102265458092%37%10%
Jedi Knight Anakin21433144508043237570233547015117%58%5%
Lando Calrissian165251155039362174755217551230179%54%15%
First Order Stormtrooper2669811859564282035236201042%65%5%
First Order TIE Pilot1546512873039764919102106560042%39%0
Resistance Pilot1658812077817611755024059960204%39%5%
Resistance Trooper15762134681887128007020477142077%58%5%
Kylo Ren279721223559794039154891029758850122%45%15%
Captain Phasma250701214451275943310270902275147%70%35%
Poe Dameron212551504984666102603295572%72%5%
First Order Officer15255145477275317171002127611315127%51%0%
Grand Master Yoda148091635110822348122831002014119030175%56%0%
CT-7567 Rex15234140441446446686518277171077%53%5%
General Grievous1449110970663759769101871241390122%48%0%
Chief Chirpa157751166069418102364323415110%44%15%
Tusken Shaman219051313665394302026115120125%50%10%

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