SWGoH Character Rankings

rankingsA very common question is, “Who should I invest credits, remotes, shards, and gear into first?” The answer really varies depending on which type of gameplay (damage, healfest, tanky, zombies) and synergies (Droids, Nightsisters, Ewoks, Jedi) you enjoy. Your fan favorite Heroes or who you unlocked may also be a factor despite actual in-game performance. In order to help you in developing a roadmap, I present this character ranking list. Keep in mind, most Heroes can synergize and perform well in a proper squad which makes this list very difficult to produce and highly opinionated. You can’t just pull the top 5 and do well, you’ll need to assess abilities, stats, and synergies as well. We’re just not quite deep enough in the lifecycle of the game to start ranking Squad variations, but that time will come soon.  In the meantime, feel free to use this assessment to get a general idea of which characters are a worthwhile investment.

You can order rankings by Overall, Availability, PvP Squad Arena, and Galactic War performance. The character scores will be updated based on Community feedback, new synergies, unexplored potential, newly released Heroes, skill diversity, EA buffs and nerfs, and the general consensus of the players that contribute to this site.

Ranking Categories

Overall – This score is determined by the PvP Squad Arena and Galactic War performance of a character as well as Availability. This does not reflect challenges or the campaign battles as those are custom designed with a specific mechanic in play. The overall score will give you some good farming options and those that can do well in most of the game’s content.

PvP Squad Arena – This is how well a character performs or is easily countered in the most competitive feature of the game and is weighted heavily in the Overall Score. Sort by this field to see which Heroes do best in a properly build PvP Arena Squad.  Just make sure you pick 5 that work well together.

Galactic War – The GW rating takes into account cooldowns and the abilities of a hero to contribute to the battle of attrition that is the Galactic War. Sort by this field to see which characters can go the distance in GW.

Availability – This reflects how easy it is to obtain and promote a Hero through shard farming. It plays a small part in the Overall score, but is a very valuable sorting feature for the free to play folks looking to identify squad members that don’t require significant monetary investments to 7 Star.

SWGoH Character Rankings

This list is based on capped Heroes including promotion, training, gear, and ability levels. Some Character’s perform better at lower player levels, so keep that in mind.  If you don’t agree on a ranking, feel free to discuss in the Comments below.

Rankings Based on Level 70 Meta Game…New Level 80 Meta with upcoming major patch will shift these quite a bit.

Barriss Offee817510065
Savage Opress65627755
Aayla Secura6977855
Count Dooku77837555
Old Daka74808035
Grand Moff Tarkin4960505
Mace Windu70708050
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)82888945
Plo Koon42404055
General Veers57705020
Luminara Unduli86859570
Darth Maul6784655
Darth Sidious85909055
Poggle the Lesser80897065
Asajj Ventress71727755
Clone Wars Chewbacca71658570
Jedi Consular83809570
IG-100 MagnaGuard66706555
Royal Guard81928825
Clone Sergeant - Phase 131303530
Eeth Koth46454555
Ewok Scout36404015
Hoth Rebel Soldier32353515
CT-5555 Fives70708540
IG-86 Sentinel Droid839060100
Darth Vader6370802
Biggs Darklighter747560100
Jedi Knight Guardian58567535
Ewok Elder65708015
Ima-Gun Di70807520
Hoth Rebel Scout67825040
Boba Fett71708545
Tusken Raider64705065
Ahsoka Tano73758540
Cad Bane6578705
Coruscant Underworld Police51505055
Geonosian Soldier85958545
Nightsister Initiate62607055
Mob Enforcer39355030
Kit Fisto6875855
Nightsister Acolyte49456045
Princess Leia7086705
Qui-Gon Jinn81958030
Admiral Ackbar74807255
Nute Gunray62607055
Stormtrooper Han76827555
Luke Skywalker71806550
Jedi Knight Anakin73857520
Lando Calrissian71757545
First Order Stormtrooper50555520
First Order TIE Pilot72847515
Resistance Pilot68756055
Resistance Trooper41454515
Kylo Ren76828045
Captain Phasma78857555
Poe Dameron79907540
First Order Officer64756030
Grand Master Yoda75838035
CT-7567 Rex5665655
General Grievous6880781
Chief Chirpa62607545
Tusken Shaman5250805

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  3. Wow thanks for this ranking very helpful !

  4. This is outdated.
    If I was just starting I would start farming:
    Wedge/Biggs/Lando/ST Han/Leia
    You will do pretty well in PVP, compete in emperor’s demise, get health and defense mods, and these toons can be used in HAAT down the road.
    Next I would add Boba and two other scoundrels to compete in the weekly credit heists.
    As soon as possible, I would work on dark side ships as you want to get zetas as early as you can.
    Tarkin, Maul, Boba are useful in a variety events.
    These toons are important through the entire game. Some of them may be hard to get in which case I would use the others on this list as stepping stones to get more desired characters if needed.

  5. Someone has given up on this site… would be nice to have updated characters, stats, etc.

  6. This is outdated, can someone please update this?

  7. Hello everyone!
    Thank you very much Kylven for the list you provide us!
    I’ve been playing for around a month and I’m becoming addicted!
    I’m physisist, and I would like to know the algorithm you used to make this list, with that equation I could update the list with the new characters and changes on old characters.
    I’m pending of your answer

  8. Why is wedge never mentioned at all, his leader abilities are awesome and he hits for a ton.

  9. When will this table be updated to reflect the level 80 meta change?

  10. Sorry but this is way off… most top teams now run a Biggs and wedge combo with ss han then two fillers often Lando and Ackbar or another tank such as erg and a healer or attacker. You will not see any of your top 5 in any top tier teams. The effort is appreciated however.

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  13. When will this be updated? Emperor Palpatine should be at the top of the list!


    To keep up the trend, I won’t bother including data outside of the teams that stay in the Top 25 on the Arena Rank.

    S-Tier (Top 10): QGJ, Phasma, Rex, Teebo, Old Ben, Dooku
    A-Tier (Top 25): Han Solo*, HK-47

    Non-leaders (in order of commonality):
    S-Tier (Top 10): Rey, QGJ, Phasma, Royal Guard, Fives, Han Solo, Leia,
    A-Tier (Top 25 and under): Yoda, Luminara, Sun Fac, Genosian Soldier, Old Daka
    B-Tier (Top 25 over 10 only): IG-88, IG-86, Ewok Elder, FOTP, Aayla Secure, Anakin Skylwaker, (B2)**, (Jawa Engineer)**,

    *Han Solo fluctuates as a leader between top 10 and 25, so he is viable for both–he’s basically the bridge between the two tiers.
    **I’ve only seen these characters on a few teams, so don’t go full out to build them up until they gain representation.

    • B2 is getting traction in the top 10 for sure. Don’t ignore that guy. I also see GS in top 10 a lot. I’d move both those up on your rankings.

    • Yeah or people can just check swgoh.gg where people still update the site and didn’t rage quit everything LOL

    • Hey there, since you’re the only one to give some update around here lately, I have a couple questions if you please.

      I’m not very high ranked, I gravitate around high 100-middle 200 in the Arena. I only use a few of the listed top tier characters (I’m also mostly free to play, so those that you can’t farm for free are out of the question for me). I currently have almost 20 characters at 7-star, Lv 80, Gear 8 (Rey is Gear 9). My current arena team is Boba leader, Rey, QGJ, Resistance Pilot, Leia.

      I guess I should replace RP with, say, Geonosian Soldier (which I still need to farm), but RP has worked very well for me as a sort of Rey junior.
      Also, Boba giving +50% damage on critical hits is pretty nasty, Rey can hit for 25k damage on her basic attack.
      So my first question is: are these characters so bad compared to those in the S-tier to B-tier list?

      Consequently, second question: While some of those are tactically self-explanatory (and some, like QGJ and HK-47, are leaders for specific teams only) what exactly does make the other ones so superior? For instance, is Aayla Secura so better than, say, Ahsoka? I probably never saw a maxed out Aayla, but she didn’t looked like a heavy hitter to me, and not of any particular tactical value, aside for the occasional counter.

      Last but not least: How does the software calculate power levels? Like, why 7-star, Lv-80, Gear-8, all abilities maxed out Phasma’s power is several hundred points less than same-stat Mace Windu?


      • If you noticed, at the very beginning of the game, before upgrading any characters in any way, some already had a higher power than others. This trend stays the same throughout the whole game and is only affected by different mods that you use

  15. You can close this site down, totally useless now…

  16. it still states that this list is for level 70.. is it updated for new patch or when is it going to be updated ?

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  18. Really wish you guys would update…

  19. Still no update on this? Shitty page that become has!

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  22. Now that it’s possible to view the entire teams of Rank Leaders, this site is somewhat irrelevant for providing PvP information.

    S+ Tier: Viable Leaders (Top 25):
    QGJ, Dooku, Old Ben, Akbar, Han Solo, Captain Phasma, Sidious, (HK-47), (Poggle)

    S Tier –These are in every Top 10 team in different combinations:
    Rey, Old Daka, Genosian Soldier, Royal Guard, “Fives”, Hoth Rebel Scout, Leia

    A-Tier Characters (Featured less commonly in Top 10, but in Top 25 represented highly):
    Greedo, IG-86, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Luminara Unduli

    B-Tier Characters (Featured less commonly in Top 25):
    Rex, IG-88, Jawa, Mace Windu, Savage Oppress

    Nothing outside of Top 25 representation should be that interesting to you. You might as well farm every character, because the meta can always evolve, but paying attention to the Top 25 ranked teams is the best way to learn the meta, as well as notice trends and directional changes. Before the update, I had moved up to 50th just by having only characters commonly used in the teams above me (or who could be used as viable leaders).

    • Looking the top teams in arena the best 12 characters to use are the following in this exact order
      1. Qui Gon Jin
      2. Geonosian Soldier
      3. Royal Guard
      4. Count Dooku
      5. Rey
      6. Captain Phasma
      7. Luminara Unduli
      8. Fives
      9. Stormtrooper Han
      10. Old Daka
      11. Obi Wan Kenobi
      12. 86
      I’ve been tracking the meta, and it has changed a bit recently, for example obi has been getting more use since it got fixed, daka and Lumi are getting less use, and rey and count dooku are getting more use

    • Thanks for the info Mat, you have done more that this site author in the last 2 months. It looks like this site won’t be updated for a very long time. You would expect that someone would have posted something about the update or at the very least a reason for the delay.

      I have had some success in GW using Lumi (l), GS, QGJ, IG-86, Daka or JC (having 3 assist lets me reduce the threats early along with daka stun) lumi heals mid round, & daka heals late. this is a shockingly sustainable gw team if you know your threats.

    • From where are you getting the data? Where is it possible to “view the entire teams of Rank Leaders?”

      • Chris,

        Just go to the holgram labeled “Squad Arena,” click Ranks, and then click on the teams of each rank. For example, tap Rank 1- Zee Sheng, and it will show his Arena Squad on the left, and all of his battle statistics on the right.

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  24. You are missing characters on this table. I think it would also be valuable to have a ranking for Raids. It’s been a long time since there has been any communication. It would be nice to see a preliminary update.

  25. Derrick Van West

    @Kylven, when will you be updating this? It’s been a really long time

  26. So has this page basically been abandoned? We’ve had a major update that shifted the value of all the characters, and there’s no change here. Then we had another update that added several characters, and none of them are here yet. I’m starting to wonder if this is ever going to be updated to reflect the current state of the game. This was once a valuable resource, but right now it’s not very useful with all the shifts.

    • You guys gotta stop relying on other people to tell you what to do and start doing some research yourself, I’ll help you out a bit, top three arena characters are geonosian soldier, qui gon and royal guard

      • Duh. That’s not the point. This is a number-driven analysis for a much wider set of characters than anyone can use themselves, and it’s helpful to see who is being elevated or lowered after an update. The forums are also useful, but this ranking is much more number-driven than a bunch of anecdotes about who is doing well now and who isn’t.

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  28. Iam a new daily player, 618-756-167, pls add me. Which one I should buy, Mace + Jedi Guardian or Ahsoka + Bariss + Ventress and Nightsister?

  29. Is this list going to be updated any time soon, or do we have to wait until people actually start hitting level 80?

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  31. What the hell? Not enjoying this update

    • No kidding, it changed the game drastically. made the GW about twice as long to complete. everyone is hitting with wet noodle lightsabers and damages is drastically reduced across the mainly used characters. (high dps)

    • Starting to feel like Bungie is getting their hands in it like Destiny haha

    • This update is awful. It has not completely ruined the game play, but significantly screwed it up. Not a fan at all.

      • I feel the same way. I hate everything about this update, except the Ewok event. I’m done spending money on gems if they’re just going to change the game so dramatically that my favorite characters aren’t even viable anymore.

    • I’ve been enjoying Galactic War far more than I have in a long time. It’s fun again, not just a speed/damage fest that’s over in a minute. I’m having a little more trouble figuring out which characters I should be bringing to the Arena, because I keep losing there. The Challenges have become more of a challenge too, although certainly beatable (and even on auto with the right character mix, as long as you keep refocusing their efforts on the right characters to attack). The biggest downside is that it does take longer to do everything, so I’m wondering if I’ll have enough time in a day.

  32. With the evasion buff, dooku has become a lot better in arena. If I see a team with two or more jedi on it, I use dooku as leader and it’s an automatic win even if they are rated 3 or 4 thousand above me. Dooku is a beast now for his leadership ability and his ability to negate jedi on teams. If he attacks before Qui-Gon, game over.

    • I’ve noticed it is near impossible to lose if you are the attacking PVP player. I have beat teams without losing a single character that are 4k+ higher in power. Galaxy war cannot be beat now. I beat it once a week, if even.

  33. Great page! I use it a lot! If you have an iPhone I also recommend:


  34. These two both perform extremely well in PVP on synergy teams (Yoda w/ Jedi or Tenacity; Dooku with Bonus Attack, Crit, or Evasion). I think they should be moved up.

  35. Please reevaluate Magmatrooper with the availability at GW!

  36. Old Ben needs to drop…a lot. After mind trick (with low potency?) the best thing he could do is die which doesnt happen.

    Sidous needs to drop in Arena, with the speed/dps meta healing immunity (and healing) are largely useless. But he also doesn’t have enough HP to even use his special vs Dooku. His HP is so low he dies from random AoEs or basic attacks. In GW his passive and retreat solve the HP problem in a huge way, although healing immunity is sometimes a determent.

    • Also QGJ is really strong in GW, either as a leader so you go before they do and you dont take damage, or even just as a team member. He has 2 specials with low cool down so you can use both pretty much every fight.

    • Old ben is good in GW, his big health makes him durable and able to withstand lots of damage, in arena he is not that good, sidius is beast, he is always the last one to die thanks to its self heal, if you play him right, and you max him out, there’s no reason for him to die

  37. HELP!!! New apple update erased my history. Please help restore 2-3 months of daily grinding!!!

  38. Any updates on Chief Chirpa/Magmatrooper yet?

    • Magmatrooper is there, chief chirpa is not there yet, patience my friend. Be excited that Ahsoka Tano got an upgrade

      • I’m also excited that old been is free to play now, as soon as I have GS, Barris and 86 maxed out, I will start farming him

  39. Where are patch changes, bug fixes, etc. announced? I’m just wondering where I can access this data.

  40. would it be possible to have another column with an overall score that does not take availability into account? it would be very useful to be able to sort characters by overall effectiveness in both PVP and GW without skewing the scores with their availability. if a character is good, i’m going to grind for them, even if it takes months

  41. I think you should go more with fives! I have him 7* max gears, his counter-atack is very helpfull and he have a nice extra damage in this atack. His normal atack debuffs speed and when lvl 80 is open he will atack one more time in enemys with speed down, dealing ~4k damage. The special atack is very nice too, calling other ally to atack together. Very nice HP, what provide him a lot of turns with his counters. Sorry about my english =D

  42. I think that the First Order Stormtrooper is underestimated, as he deals incredible amounts of damage very quickly (with his counter attack) and has remarkably high health. First Order Stormtrooper’s basic attack inflicting speed down on the enemy is also a nice bonus, making him a very solid character.

    • Never found his damage to be that high. If his buffs effected the whole party or even just first order then he would be pretty decent. Pretty slow to level up.

  43. @ Kylven

    A request for the guides, can you put a revision date somewhere.

  44. Could we have a leader ability ranking?

  45. Change the Availability System

    The availability of any character that can be farmed through Galactic Wars should be significantly higher. These characters, while possibly only in a specific location, can be farmed at 15 shards a day without using any crystals. Further, characters in Galactic Wars (like Luminara) can also be found elsewhere. Your method for availability should be based on how many shards it is possible to farm in a day without spending crystals. Since you can get around 21 IG-86 shards a day, it makes sense for him to be 100. Luminara is at around 18 a day, so she should also be higher than she is currently.

    It is true that there are level restrictions for certain characters, or whatever, but let’s take Cantina Wars as an example. Maybe you can’t get to Barriss Offee until you’re further in the game, but you can easily get between 10-15 shards a day farming any individual Cantina Wars character. In this case, it would make sense to rank the characters further in Cantina Wars still fairly high, but maybe a point less for each round.

    I think this makes more sense, because availability shouldn’t be about how many locations, but how many shards. After all, availability in this game has more to do with how fast you can promote characters, right?

    • Change the Availability System

      To clarify:
      When I say availability in Cantina should be a point less each round, I mean like… you can still get 10-15 of a 6-C character in a day, but it’s easier to get to 4-A, so if characters in 4 are 83, characters in 6 should be no less than 81.

      Also, Genosian Soldier can be farmed through the first CW battle for 8cantina energy each round. It’s easy to get 12-20 of him in one day, so 45 availability is absurd…

    • I agree. Here you go.
      Dathcha 100%
      IG-86 Sentinel Droid 95%
      Biggs Darklighter 91%
      Luminara Unduli 82%
      Poggle the Lesser 77%
      Teebo 77%
      Tusken Raider 73%
      Captain Phasma 68%
      Resistance Pilot 68%
      Nightsister Initiate 68%
      Darth Sidious 45%
      Stormtrooper Han 45%
      Admiral Ackbar 45%
      IG-88 45%
      Greedo 45%
      Asajj Ventress 45%
      HK-47 45%
      Savage Opress 45%
      Nute Gunray 45%
      Coruscant Underworld Police 45%
      Eeth Koth 45%
      Ugnaught 45%
      Jedi Consular 32%
      Jawa 32%
      Clone Wars Chewbacca 32%
      Talia 32%
      Barriss Offee 29%
      Stormtrooper-1 25%
      Count Dooku 24%
      Geonosian Soldier 23%
      Luke Skywalker 23%
      Lando Calrissian 23%
      Mace Windu 23%
      Finn 23%
      IG-100 MagnaGuard 23%
      Nightsister Acolyte 23%
      Poe Dameron 20%
      Boba Fett 20%
      CT-5555 Fives 20%
      Hoth Rebel Scout 20%
      Jedi Knight Guardian 20%
      Kylo Ren 18%
      Plo Koon 18%
      Old Daka 16%
      Ahsoka Tano 16%
      Rey 14%
      Jedi Knight Anakin 14%
      General Veers 14%
      Clone Sergeant – Phase 1 14%
      Qui-Gon Jinn 11%
      First Order Officer 11%
      Mob Enforcer 11%
      Royal Guard 9%
      First Order TIE Pilot 9%
      Ima-Gun Di 9%
      Ewok Elder 9%
      URoRRuR’R’R 9%
      First Order Stormtrooper 9%
      Resistance Trooper 9%
      Ewok Scout 9%
      Lobot 9%
      Snowtrooper 9%
      Hoth Rebel Soldier 5%

      I would put data pack only at 3, yoda at 4, and GG at 0.1

      • Wow. Nicely done, Randall. And I agree availability should be more heavily weighted.
        That said, I want to commend Kylven for the effort on this table. Very helpful too many, all around.

  46. Chaz the Dragon

    I have a very good arena team of 4* Luminara, 5* Geonosian Soldier, 5* Savage Opress, 4* URoRRuR’R’R, and 4* Boba Fett. I didn’t go for combos or synergies but the team works well. Savage’s special attack always deals at least 2500-3000 damage. His health is good, I’m kinda surprised he is as low as he is.

  47. Let’s be honest here.. Yoda is the best character hands down. Any list with him NOT at the top needs to be reevaluated.

    • If it were just up to how well the character performs on his own, sure, Yoda would be the best character. Unfortunately, Yoda isn’t on his own, and it’s also about match-ups. QGJ has a move that takes away positive status effects and deals more damage for each one he removes (he’s not the only character who does this, but he is pretty commonplace in the current meta). This is devastating for Yoda, who steals the positive status effects of an entire team. Sidious, QGJ and Old Ben are the most viable characters IMO.

      • Sidious and Old Ben are worthless characters when facing Yoda teams, because Yoda has the highest speed in the game when Qui Gon is leader and his tenacity buff takes care of the above mentioned. Phasma, Dooku etc too. Yoda is part of the meta in pvp. He should have 101/100 score at least in pvp.

        • I would just say this. When attacking in Arena, I love going against Yoda a powered-up toon can kill him in one shot. Teams with 7* royal guard backed by heavy hitters like Rey, QGJ and GS are the hardest opponents. I always finish in the top 5 on my server, and I have zero fear of Yoda.

          • I’ve gone up against that lineup with Yoda in my lineup and it’s very difficult. That royal Guard makes it darn near impossible to survive unless I take Rey out in first two moves, those being Yoda and then QGJ. Otherwise it’s over. I love my lineup but you are correct about the difficulty there. Old Ben is useful, however, because IF I’m successful in nullifying Rey, his special ability will pretty much seal it. That said, I vary my lineup constantly because of matchups.

        • You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. I routinely beat QGJ Lead/Yoda teams. Dooku neutralizes QGJ 90% of the time and Yoda goes down fast to GS/Poggle buff.

          As a matter of fact I look for them. His rating is fine where it is. When the lvl cap gets raised it may be a different story, but for now at the end game you are flat out WRONG!

        • I don’t know about Old Ben because I don’t have him (though he is sometimes pretty annoying to face). What I can say about Sidious is that his basic attack heal immunity is a game changer, once fully geared, starred, etc.
          Yoda, on the other hand, isn’t difficult to handle. If you just remember not to use abilities that add buffs he can steal, he’s just another Jedi character. I actually think they should make him more powerful, given the investment it takes to get him.

    • agreed. plus having jedi consular at #4 makes that original list invalid from the start.

  48. Hoth rebel scout should be rank higher in GW cause of his high speed and his med-high damage! He can make a difference in the begening of round

  49. You can have anyone be a beast at PVP or GW… In certain instances. My guys aren’t updated enough to use in PVP yet, but in GW, when I am playing against a team of level 70 7 star robots with Poggle, I use my level 55-60 Ima Gun w Eeth Koth, Datcha, Ugnaught and Jawa, and I take out about 2-3 of their guys… Or kill 2 and maime another… That way I don’t lose my Phasma, Luminara, or Sidius. Once they are level 65ish 5 stars, I’m gonna test it out against robot heavy teams in PVP. As long as you get the speed gear upgrades for Jawa, Ug, and Datcha, they are formidable from a certain point of view. Datcha the leader. They can stun and make robots lose their turn. Then your next PVP battle, switch back to normal team so other non robot teams don’t beat you to a bloody pulp. I think it will be a good way to move up further in the rankings

  50. Snowtrooper is getting an upgrade. I’m calling now on the next update

  51. Hey can you help me. I started this game the last month and I want to know if it’s good that, now that i have IG-86 at level 47, is good to get IG-88 to increase the critics of IG-86.
    Thanks for the help ^-^

    • IG-86 and IG-88 have benefits with each other, for sure. There are a lot of perks to using the natural synergy that comes when you go full droid, full Jedi, full sith, etc.

      Given the that there are very common and easy to obtain anti-droid characters (Eeth Koth, Jawa, Dathcha, and a lot of people have Ima Gun Di in arena), I wouldn’t rely on them for PvP/Arena. They can definitely come in handy in Galactic War and in advancing your Dark Side fights to get items and shrads of/for other characters. They pair really well with Phasma (giving more strikes for their damage, they are attackers after all, and it is so satisfying to see IG-86 call an assist and Phasma throws a second ally on the assit.) and Sidious (who gives a good quantity of status effects and IG-88 excels against enemies with status effects.)

  52. As a hint this is very useful guide. But, I guess, many characters in the list weren’t used in some conditions by the one who has created this guide. For instance, Old Dhaka with rating 80 in GW and Darth Vader is 80 in GW. I can send Vader to die in order to bring my main team to victory, but never use him as a main squad member, while some battles I can’t imagine how to win without losing half of my squad if I don’t use Dhaka with her double stun. Anyway, it’s pretty accurate as I can estimate it relying on my own knowledge.

  53. Fives rating should go up in PVP. High health and assist ability in a high damage team is very useful.

  54. I would not put Poe at 90 now. 80 at best

  55. Any comments on 4* Darth Vader? Is he worth maxing for PvP or PvE?

    • I do like Vaders feel, but his issue is that his shards are achievement based, and there are not nuff of them to get him Stars and in turn Powered.

      Also, his Culling Blade will Dispel some buffs that might be better left on enemies, so gotta keep that in mind a lot.

      • Don’t you think they may change Vader to a “Yoda type event” for Dark Side players? I was thinking that the theme of the entire star wars universe is cool to get the achievements, but he’ll never be the most powerful based on how you get his shards.

    • No, but sure… why not? At even 4 stars, gear 8, ability 5/6, they’re devistating. And I’m saying that by meaning ANYONE is devestating. Because the price is so high to get there; that of course it should be that way.

  56. Well it definitely looks like there are going to be some changes in this list due to the recent nerfs/buffs. Be kind of interesting to see where people slide.

    Still trying to decide on my fifth Jedi for the challenge. Have all the shards to pick up an Eeth Koth and 5* him, but he seems about worthless. Plo to me seems better than his ranking here, but I’m not sure yet. I just wish Ahsoka didn’t share cantina tokens with QGJ.

    • Im really feeling the “new” Windu. I have him 6* and 25/100 to max, all from Cantina farming. I rolled the dice continuing to farm him when he had a worse skill set, and i do feel he is legit now.

  57. So what’s the best team?
    Poe(100) 3*95, and …?

  58. I disagree with the Nute Gunray Position. My Gunray is a beast in GW and PvP with Boba Fett as leader. amazing crit% and dmg! and against a Taunt he has his bomb, so he dont rly wastes a move.
    Bomb the Taunt!

  59. Thanks guys I’ve got a 4 star old Ben and he helps greatly because he got a ridiculous amount of health ( split up into 6 bars if you know what I mean ) and then I got Landro who deals tons of damage , CW Chew ( another tank ) The Jedi Consular for healing the team and Jawa who I’m on my way to replacing for datcha.

  60. Is there some kind of glitch with upgrading abilities? I often have all the requirements meet but I’m unable to upgrade my character. Can prove it with pictures

  61. When I started this game I decided I wasn’t going to spend a dollar on purchases. Anyone else going that route? Seems like it is taking forever.

    • Been playing 5 days ainy spent any money and I’m at level 50

      • Liar. It’s impossible to be lvl 50 playing for 5 days

      • I call BS, I’ve been playing constantly for 3 weeks F2P player and barely got level 50 today

        • since I have played for 6 weeks, my current level is 61 with 24 characters. In addition I purchase 3 times for 1,200 crystals at $19.99
          It seem stealing our money for nothing!
          I need help how to surpass my level, more stars, more gear and enough abilities … WANTED HELP & TIPS, thanks!

      • It’s possible. I’ve been playing almost everyday for almost 2 months now. I have all 7* Luminara, Jedi Consular, Darth Sidius, and Phasma, and a 5* Fives. Currently ranked #150 in Squad Arena. I haven’t spent a single dollar.

        Currently thinking of upgrading Qui Gon Jinn to be another 7*. That would take me another month, I guess.

        Finish your daily activities everyday, spend purple crystal to refill Squad Cantina Battles once a day, it will take you some time, but you will enjoy the process nonetheless. :)

    • I’ve been playing for about 20 days without spending money at all and I think I’m doing pretty well, I’m on lvl 47

    • Well, been playin for 80 days and haven’t spent a dollar. Level 69, two maxed out chars, top 150 arena, many essential chars. You don’t need to spent money, just do your daily quests and dont waste the gems for data packs.

      • I guess I’m playing a month. Level 54. Probably invested in the wrong characters early and getting my ass kicked in PVP and GW.

  62. I’m some what simple minded. I learn visually. I did notice with leia 2x damage – night sister acolyte hit close to 13k on one hit. She’s only a lvl 54.

  63. It would be really nice to see ranking broken up by tier. So how well does a character play as you progress from green to blue to purple? I only started the game a few ago so how I rate characters in the level 40-50 range is different than at max level.

    For example, Poe at Gear 6 is not very good. His speed is only 121 so a lot of other heroes either go first or tie with him negating his turn manipulation and expose advantage.

    Having rankings per tier will help people to optimize how they and what heroes to prioritize as they progress to later levels.

  64. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbKhqj9RYi4

    For people who need help beating Galactic war

  65. Great list. I like that Poe is 100 in Arena. A few comments.

    1. Is it possible to add a date the list was last updated?

    2. Geonosian Soldier should probably be ranked 95 for Arena. He is a top tier DPS character.

    3. Why is Fives’ Arena rank so low? I think he should be a bit higher due to assist and counter abilities.

    Thanks for all your efforts

  66. This is probably the most popular page on the site, so please comment if you disagree as small game changes, such as QGJ’s new availability makes a big difference.

    • Quick question, how exactly are characters ranked in GW; is the same algorithm used for every character based on health, damage, and resistance? Or do you manually rank them based on what was previously stated along with their abilities?

      • I ask this question about the majority of the characters, I can see that the top 10 or so characters are carefully rated

        • Availability is based on simple math, pvp on opinions of many top ranked players, and GW on simple mechanics of the feature. Each are weighted for the overall score.

          • Awesome. Keep up the good work. I love the site. It has helped me quite a bit in planning out who to build. The Shard Farming Locations page is always open on my browser at all times.

            I know this isn’t the best place to put this suggestion, but something I haven’t found anywhere else on the web is the list of equipment for each character at each level. I am sure there are tons of people out there that would love to find that in one location.

    • In all honesty should Barriss really be a 65 on availability? You have to be pretty far in the game before you can start farming for her. And even then it will be quit a grind to get her. Meanwhile you have GS as a 45 for availability. You could probably farm GS to 6* before you even get to the point where you can really start farming up a Barriss.

      At level 52 I have a GS 5* and 1/3 the way to 6* and I’m still 15 nodes from my closest available Barriss node at DS 5-C.

      • That is a good point…Barriss has more farming locations, but they are further along in the missions. I’ll look at modifying the formula to account for that in the next update.

  67. Hi Great list hele me alot, Iam dominating pvp atm with my team qui (leader), Obi, luminans, Poe & SiD team. Which in large respect is Sue to you list. Ty very much.
    FYI 5 top players on my server is running the same setup 😀

    Sincerely Andy

  68. Am I the only one who finds the 89 irritating? It could have been a 90 and pleased everyone. Damn these first world problems

  69. Old guy ( but long time gamer) here. Anyone care to fill me in on the slang you young whippersnappers are using? What is “meta” and “proc” stand for? I see frequent mentions but am not understanding the usage….

  70. Yes, I have a 4 star Rey and she is VERY powerful. I also agree Rey should be on the top list as well.

  71. The List needs updating but its a solid start to the list.

    I use a team of Lumi (L), Sidious, Jedi Consular, Kylo Ren, Dooku. They win all my GW battles 90% of the time. the last 3 battles I may lose Dooku, or Jedi councular, and I will sub in Phasma (L) she adds 16% extra attacks, Vader because he has great HP and his saber throw on debuff’s can hit for 5K to 7K depending. I also have seen Poe, Fives, Boba Fett although I’m not as high on him unless his ability block works.

  72. The List needs updating but its a solid start to the list.

    I use a team of Lumi (L), Sidious, Jedi Consular, Kylo Ren, Dooku. They win all my GW battles 90% of the time. the last 3 battles I may lose Dooku, or Jedi councular, and I will sub in Phasma (L) she adds 16% extra attacks, Vader cuz he has great HP and his saber throw on debuffs can hit for 5K to 7K depending. I also have seen Poe, Fives, Boba Fett although im not as high on him unless his ability block works.

  73. With the recent changes to GW I think you need to lower Luminara ranking compared to Barriss. Now that you cannot retreat away from healing immunity Barriss is way more important.

    • I still love Luminara in GW because her attack is so strong and if you get to level 6 for her heal, it lasts for 2 additional turns. I heal somewhere in the middle of the battle, and often times my entire squad is at full health and she’s ready to heal somewhere near the beginning of the next battle.

      • Regarding the new retreat system in GW, you’re still able to retreat and start the battle over again as if the first one didn’t happen. So if you lose a character or two, retreat before the end of the battle, and try again.

        • GW is really is easy now. I never lose a character. I rarely do have to retreat and restart a level. It’s really sad though. It used to be a fun challenge.

  74. Fives’ 65 rating for Arena is IMO way too low. He’s great with his counter ability, high health and his assist ability can be great if he’s in a high damage team.

  75. ZRaider (same Line name)

    Nice list… I think Mace is a little low. But it is like you said, it depends on his squad. At level 60 he gives a 20% offensive boost to Jedi members. His attack, at level 5, gets to plus an additional 75% when his def up activates.

    I believe Poggle should be a lot lower too. Mine is just a 4*, but he doesn’t seem to do as much damage as my other 4*s. His offense up skill is good though.

    I’m on Line. Can I get an invite to your room? I know others that may want to join too.

  76. Lobot is ranked so low, but I have him in all pvp and gw as he is pretty much another healer..does anyone else him?

    • Yes, I use to use lobot too. Problem is getting shards for him to level him up. He works good against Sid because he wipes out the negative effects and heals for a percentage for each one he wipes out.

  77. Cristian Chappuzeau

    I like this list A LOT. However, I have a question…why is Dooku ranked so low?
    Forget about his avail, I’m asking about his performance in PvP and GW, stats which I think are vastly underrated.

    He has stuns, double attacks, high speed and counterattacks. How does he get only 80 and 75?

    • Yeah I agree, Dooku is really helpful with 100% counter attacks, he also quit oftenly gets a bonus attack and his stuns can decide the out come of a match

    • Very squishy character. His damage is not as good unless he gets his double attack. His stun is only reliable against Jedi but I do agree his speed and counterattacks are very useful.

    • because they have no clue. Nobody even most paid players leveled Dooku. They all go the easy route to drop cash on Chromium packs and get Tie pilot whom most gotten when he was given in packs and in monthly rewards. True, new meta makes him open as many others and not in a league by himself, however, he is now obtainable from Cantina. However if opposing team has QGJ or Luminara, ofcause any Jedi, he will proc first. And one less team mate the first round is decisive victory. 40% on your tie pilot is not that bad either. And GW, he’s the best. Lumi/Barris and Dooku ARE the GW team. Add fillers. See, Capital Games thought Dooku would be another Tie pilot, meaning needing support and much cash drop… they miscalculated that having ONLY $5 Dooku was good enough to defeat ANY paid team at the start, earning rewards with no other cash input

  78. I found this ranking very helpful. I have progressed a quite bit and still give this a look from time to time. That being said I try to keep in mind how availability plays into the scoring. I have several heroes I was lucky enough to get that are only available from data cards, and I try to keep in mind how it applies to their rankings.

  79. I just started playing this game on Christmas and found this guide to be very helpful. Thank you very much for the guide Kylven.

    Question on Poe and Han. Why did you have Han ranked higher overall than Poe? I have both and trying to figure out who I should docs on. Thank you.

  80. Great list and thanks for doing this! Dooku’s GW rating should be higher IMO just due to his speed… That allows you to get an almost guaranteed first hit (and possibly stun), then retreat and do it again.

  81. Can anyone tell me what promoting a character actually does?

    I know that gaining a level and adding gear give various stat boosts. Does promoting the star rating just do the same?

    What factor affects the multiplier you get from level to level?

  82. Is there a risk in investing in first order tie pilot? They nerfed a pilot in the last update.

  83. Is it possible to add a column for type of hero (e.g. dark, light, tank, attacker, support, etc.)?

  84. How is Jinn #1 overall in PvP? That’s high. Is he really a beast in PvP?

  85. Kylven,
    This is a great tool. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

  86. Thank you for this. It must have taken a lot of time to put this together. Just know that for every one person that goes all “Human Torch” on you, there’s a dozen or so people like me who find this to be a useful starting point for deciding where to look to invest my resources.

    Hopefully all us SW “GoH Getters” can come together as a community and foster these kinds of discussions/posts. If you disagree with any of the rankings, that’s perfectly acceptable. That disagreement is a great place to start a discussion, and will likely help everyone as a whole. I’ll even get it started:

    Kylven, I had a question regarding your Galactic War rankings criteria. I noticed that Ewok Elder (85) beat out Old Daka (80), and was interested to know, in your opinion, what gave Ewok Elder the edge. I’ve been wanting to invest a bit more in Ewok Elder, and hearing that he performs well in GW may be the push I need to throw my credits his way.

  87. For those that are interested, the average scores for Overall, PVP, and GW are 62.1, 66.1, and 65.7 respectively. The median scores were 66, 70, and 70.

  88. WOW this is actually awesome!. Thanks for putting this up KYLVEN it would be very useful to me in selecting which characters are useful for the certain job (PVP, GW etc.)

  89. Let’s be honest here…this ranking list is not for the player that spends time going through the abilities and stats to create a squad with ideal synergies and counters to opponents. This is a baseline list for the hundreds of Community members that post their character rosters and ask, “what should I invest in?” These are the folks looking for options without getting into the nitty gritty of the meta game and spending hours developing an edge against those on their server. They just want something that works and won’t be a severe disappointment later in the game. Are the rankings based on opinion, of course. Does it provide value to that certain casual to mid level player, I believe so…and that is the target audience.

    • Jonathan (Obi Jon Kenobi7)

      First of all, thank you for compiling this list, it is wonderful. I would like to add that I have battled a group with Rey in it in PvP and her damage is unbelievable. She did as much as 9000 damage in one hit, one hit kills with a lot of players. She is rediculously overpowered and until they adjust for that her rank should be way up there.

    • Your target audience is me. And I greatly appreciate this guide. Thank you

    • This whole site is a great idea and well implemented. When I first started playing the game, I thought about doing something similar, then visited and realized you (and a few others) were already on top of it. Nice work!

      So, my comments specific to the list are:
      1) Your top 3 are my (and many many others) top 3. Nicely done, in explaining why, using numbers.

      2) I think more people would be helped by these rankings if availability was a larger factor. For example, as mentioned above, Barriss is really f’n difficult to farm until late in the dark side and holo battles. Even if you were lucky like me and got her for free (!) she sits at star 4 forever.

      3) Also question your math around determining the availability number. IMO, any character available in the GW shipments should be ranked above those who are not. Then Arena shipments, then Cantina. Because they are not dice rolls subject to future “tuning”. Drop rates of shards everywhere recently decreased and have always been subject to RNG, so I think it’s more difficult to star up a character without a predictable farming spot.

      My two cents. Oh, sorry, long comment… Nice work! Thanks!

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