SWGoH Shard Farming Locations

shard farmingPromoting characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the act of acquiring enough shards to increase the base stats of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence which in turn boost Physical Damage, Health, Armor, Physical Critical, Special Damage, and Resistance. To bring a character up to 7 Stars, you’ll need to focus on farming shards by winning Hard Mode battles of the Light and Dark Side Campaigns, utilizing shipments, pulling data cards, and/or completing the Galactic War Battle map. If you’re looking for a specific shard, a consolidated list is located on each character’s individual pages.

Which Hero Shards are available in each Battle

Most Hard Mode battles provide a chance to acquire a character shard. The fights are restricted to 3 wins per day and using energy refreshes is an effective way to build the promotion level of a hero you are interested in. The following table details which battles you can find a specific character shard to plan your priority mission unlocks.

Battle light side battle shards dark side battle shards
1-A Ewok Scout None Geonosian Soldier
1-B Jedi Consular Clone Sergeant – Phase 1 Luke Skywalker
1-C Count Dooku Count Dooku Clone Wars Chewbacca
1-D Royal Guard Jedi Consular None
1-E NA NA Lando Calrissian
1-F NA NA None
1-G NA NA Talia
2-A Rey First Order Storm Trooper Nightsister Acolyte
2-B First Order Storm Trooper Boba Fett None
2-C Ewok Elder Clone Wars Chewbacca None
2-D Talia CT-5555 “Fives” Jawa
2-E Mace Windu Luminara Unduli None
2-F Talia IG-86 Sentinel Droid Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
2-G NA NA Dathcha
3-A Resistance Trooper Resistance Trooper Jedi Consular
3-B Dathcha Hoth Rebel None
3-C Stormtrooper Jedi Consular MagnaGuard
3-D Luminara Unduli Teebo None
3-E Clone Wars Chewbacca Clone Sergeant – Phase 1 Finn
3-F Dathcha Jedi Knight Guardian None
3-G NA NA Biggs Darklighter
4-A Teebo Biggs Darklighter Mace Windu
4-B Lobot Old Daka None
4-C General Veers Ahsoka Tano Kylo Ren
4-D IG-86 Sentinel Droid Stormtrooper None
4-E Poggle the Lesser Boba Fett IG-86 Sentinel Droid
4-F CT-5555 “Fives” Jawa None
4-G NA NA Plo Koon
5-A URoRRuR’R’R Ima-Gun Di Luke Skywalker
5-B Lobot Jedi Knight Anakin
5-C Jedi Knight Anakin Barriss Offee Finn
5-D Ahsoka Tano Rey Chief Chirpa
5-E Clone Sergeant – Phase 1 Barriss Offee Talia
5-F URoRRuR’R’R Royal Guard Lando Calrissian
5-G Clone Wars Chewbacca
6-A Luminara Unduli Hoth Rebel Scout Barriss Offee
6-B Jawa First Order Tie Pilot  Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
6-C General Veers Tusken Raider Kylo Ren
6-D First Order Tie Pilot General Veers
6-E Poggle the Lesser MagnaGuard Jedi Consular
6-G Count Dooku
7-A Finn Poe Dameron
7-B Poe Dameron Rey
7-C Ima-Gun Di Plo Koon
7-D Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Anakin
8-A Barriss Offee
8-B Hoth Rebel Scout
8-C Snowtrooper Ewok Elder
8-D Stormtrooper Ewok Scout


Shard Farming with Data Cards

data cardsChromium Data Cards utilize crystals for a chance to pull full characters which convert into Shards if you already have unlocked the Hero. You will primarily pull x10 Shards for Chromium exclusive characters and x12 Shards for those that can be farmed elsewhere. The Bronzium Data Cards spend Ally Points for a roughly 12% chance to gain 1 random shard.

Shipment Shards

shipmentsThe shipments in the Main Menu, Galactic War, Cantina, and Arena contain Shards for various Heroes. I won’t list them all here as you can view the inventory in game fairly easily. These shipments refresh every 6 hours from the last time you opened the application and provide a reliable way to to gain shards of a Hero you are interested in. The crates in the Galactic War map also have a small chance to provide 1x random shard.


Don’t Overfarm

You may be farming a character and using this guide because the ingame “Find” button disappears when a hero is eligible for a promotion.  You could continue to farm shards until a character is worth promoting or you have the credits to 7 Star, or simply just want to get enough shards for when the time comes.  To prevent you from overfarming, here’s what you’ll need.

Promotion Credit Cost Shards Cost
1* to 7* 1.88 Million 320
2* to 7* 1.87 Million 305
3* to 7* 1.85 Million 280
4* to 7* 1.75 Million 250
5* to 7* 1.5 Million 185
6* to 7* 1 Million 100

We’ll update this article as new battles and features are released that offer a way to farm character shards.

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  1. Update this list its severely out of date

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  3. As we all start to hit level 81+, has there been any release of information, or has anyone unlocked and/or data mined the character shard locations that will be showing up in tier 9 of all Light Side / Dark Side / Cantina battles?

    Thanks ya kindly.

    Anyone looking for a guild that does Heroic raids?? We’ve got two spots available right now (October 20, 2016)

  4. For Yoda event, I want to know since it’s my first one, do we get only 1 battle per star level the whole event or daily?

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  6. Has anybody been able to 3 star Cantina battle 7 G? If so, how? I can get to the final battle with all my characters intact, but then Rey and Palpatine just 1 hit them all…
    For reference, I’m using Ima-Gun Di, Lumi, Barriss, JC and Yoda, with an ally.

  7. I have a few questions.
    1. Who are the five best Jedi for Grand Master’s Training, because I am desperate for Yoda shards. I have a Jedi Consular and Ahsoka Tano so far, but I need three more Jedi. I’m specifically aiming for Jedi Knight Anakin, Mace Windu, and Barriss Offee, but if there are better Jedi to use, please let me know. :)
    2. What’s the best way to get past the challenge with Grand Moff Tarkin and General Veers? Cuz I just got destroyed yesterday with an explosion from Veers.
    Thks in adavance.

    • For part 1 of your question i use luminara, ahsoka, mace, consular and bariss. Qui gon is great to use if you have him available.

      Part 2.
      Take out one droid which gives you a massive damage boost then take out one of the characters then take out the next droid and finish the other. This way both enemies should be dead before they can get off their abilities

    • 1. QGJ, Lumi, barriss, ahsoka and JC…
      2. That happened to me when i was lower level… try having lumi as lead so that there is a chance to evade. But eventually that challenge will be easy

    • I would suggest going for Qui-Gon Ginn instead of Mace Windu, Qui-Gon is faster and packs more of a punch as well as dispelling positive effects. Old Ben Kenobi is also really good and you can get his shards in the Cantina battles. Barriss is a solid choice, but I would replace the Jedi Consular with Luminara when you unlock her, the Jedi just doesn’t have the power.

      As for the Challenge, take out one of the support droids in your first attacks, your team will gain advantage (apart from the character that killed the droid). Then do as much damage to General Veers as you can (don’t let him use his Wrist Watch of Doom!), followed by taking out the second droid to regain advantage for the team.

      Hope that lot helped

    • Luminara and Eathcoth u can farm easily and luminara is best. Healer & heavy damage.

      Kill droid it will give u immense power to kill Moff & Veers in challenge

    • Take out 1 droid, then one character, then the same, vader is great for this, his saber throw kills veers and his buddy in one!

      • Albert Lazaro Vargas

        Just be careful to make sure that when Vader hurls his saber it kells them because it kills all negative effects on the character. That means on the character’s next turn they would use their massive attack special to wipe you out.

    • Qgj lumi windu ima gundi and old Ben best ones

    • A bit late, but I would personally recommend Luminara instead of Barriss simply because Luminara is more easily farmed. On a bad day I get 5 Luminara shards. A good day gets me 15 (or more if I do her battles). I started playing about a month ago and I am level 50. My team is Luke Skywalker (leader), QGJ, Luminara, Savage, and HK-47 (pulled him in data pack, will be replaced by sid if I can farm him). I’m rank 466 in my arena. Any tips?

    • Lmao destroy the support droids they will give you 4x damage

    • 1.luminara unduli- heal
      2.Anakin- offense up + block heal
      3.qg jin- multi attack + debuff
      4.mace windu- powerful expose chance.
      5.ima gun di- defense all
      6.jedi consular- quick heals
      7.ashka tano- good attack pwr
      8.old ben- not that great
      9.jedi knight gaurdian- offense down

      Anakin is way underrated imo, so is mace windu

    • I use Old Ben, Lumi, Ahsoka, Qui Gon and Koth.

      For the Attacker only Challenge I use Lumi, DARTH VADER, Leia, Rey and Luke. Vader will pretty much one shot with culling blade, especially if you kill a droid first. Then just burn down the other while healing with Lumi and keeping Ability block up w/ Vader

    • dont use mace, him or anakin have abilities that can be used against them, gun di, aayla, lumi, ahsoka, jc & qui gon & bariss are your best jedi options, with gun di at lead you will have counters that will use up yoda’s foreseight its a good strategy

  8. Does anyone know this? I just promoted my first character (IG-86 Sentinel Droid), I needed 10 shards and now i need 15. So does this keeps scaling per lvl? is there a math rule for all the character’s star lvl between each promotion?

    • It does scale up per promotion.
      1 to 2 = 15 shards
      2 to 3 = 25 shards
      3 to 4 = 30 shards
      4 to 5 = 65 shards
      5 to 6 = 85 shards
      6 to 7 = 100 shards

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  10. Timing helps, mostly if you click perfectly…

    Ok, get a shard, then clear out the notice then sim. If you time it right you get another shard right away. Got 7 streak on Mace Windu that way. Eventually I’ll have yoda!

  11. Light 8-A hard is Boba

    • Were you able to 3* this stage? Maul keeps OHKO my guys with his aoe. What team did you use? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  12. So, no information regarding next centina tier yet?

  13. I have a serious question that I would love if anyone knew the answer to. So, being that Arena Battles have some character shard awards being the same (i.e. Chewy, Consular, Kylo, Luke, Lando, Obi Wan, Talia)

    1. Does Anyone know if the drop rates of shards are higher from the 12 energy req. battles compared to the 10 energy or 8 energy?
    2. If you search for a particular “gear/ingredient” or shard through the “character list” and “find” does it nerf your chances of finding that particular item u want?

    (in reference to #2, I’ve noticed that if I enter a battle knowing what I need and without searching for it from character-find and if I don’t click on the item on “possible rewards” on the pre-battle screen that shows how many u currently have, that I have much much better drop rates on what I need than if I did do those things)

    • Anecdotal only, but in reference to ‘hard’ battles, I’ve never had more than 2 shards drop at once when hunting through the ‘find’ option, but it happens a lot more frequently and today I even got 3 shards when just finding the battle through ‘dark side’ ‘number’.
      Also, (game theorying this a bit) it’s in EA’s interest to nerf your chances *slightly* when they know what you’re searching for, as it’ll increase the odds of you paying to get it/get more chances at it…. especially if they then buff it *slightly* if you’ve just used crystals to refresh energy/chances …. (press button, get bacon)

      So in reference to point 2 – I suspect yes, but no proof

      In reference to point 1, I suspect you’re talking cantina battles? I’ve noticed that drop rates seem higher on higher level light/dark ‘hard’ battles… but not been playing long enough with the cantina to comment

    • With all of the pay2play theories involved in your question.. my answer would be NO.. there is no real proof of drop rates.. some players have recorded Thier experiences (some with videos of say 100 Sims in a row… some with charts of hits and misses)… but to follow that up with suspicion of the game being slanted… then it wouldn’t matter bc the game could be personalized to each acct to drop certain things at certain times or with certain frequency…

    • 1) Drop rate of shards is equal for all cantina nodes and it is 33%, but the chances of purple mats drop are higher for more energy-consuming nodes, as well as you get more credits and training droids.
      2) No, it’s all in our heads. At the beginning I tried and even (as I thought) found some regularities, but in the long run I’ve been convinced that the chance is always the same: 33%.

    • Thank you all for the responses

    • It does seem like when you search specifically for a gear item/shard it lowers your chances of getting it. I don’t have proof though.

  14. So question: Should I wait to promote to 7 star and save up shards or promote as I get them? Is there an advantage either way?

  15. So you think the yoda challenge will keep refreshing the yoda challenge every 3 weeks? Or do you think this will be the last chance at yoda this way?

  16. Can you guys please list the shard value/total cost for stars 1-2, 1-3, etc?
    This is especially important when characters drop in data cards (or special bundles) so that players understand how many shards they should be getting for a converted character.

    • 10, 15, 25, 30, 65, 85, 100.
      To unlock at higher star levels add them up.
      10 for 1*, 25 for 2*, 50 for 3*, 80 for 4*, and 145 for 5*.

  17. It would be nice if you did list the Shippment Shards since you can refresh the list for new characters. I came on here hoping I could find such a list before I spent the energy to refresh it. I want to make sure there is a good chance of getting a character I’m farming. I’ve done the refresh under the Galactic War area a few times but it does nothing so that was a waste.


    • Never mind. I just found from another post what “refresh” actually does in the GW Shipments. It just removes the wait timer so you can purchase when you want.

  18. I’d like to see young Obi-Wan show up in an update soon. Also Shaak-Ti as well.

  19. How updated is this list for drops? I have never seen a Boba Fett shard on the Dark Side – 2 B.

  20. Does anyone know when the game would release other characters like Master Yoda and other characters as well?

  21. My Kylo Ren would soon reach 7*. It’s now on its sixth. I focus-farmed him on Cantina 4-C. Buying 120 Cantina Energy everyday for 100 crystals. Pretty effective farming method for Cantina shards.

    • Doing exactly the same thing with KR (<; PLUS, you also get the 5 shards quicker, so farming Daka and QGJ is slow but doable.

  22. The game is a lot of fun, but there is one thing that has been perplexing me. Can anyone explain why upgrades are not possible (i.e the Upgrade button is greyed-out/ has no functionality) under a characters Attack and Abilities despite 1) the character level required has been met, 2) all the necessary gear components have been assembled and 3) you have more than enough credits to complete the transaction? Thanks.

  23. For you guys who still doenst give up on dooku yet, i would advise you to just keep going with 6 hard modes until you are 69 and cantina dooku farming is available. Couple days ago i pulled 4/6 shards and since i only need 15 more for 5* i kept spending my crystals for hard mode refreshs, what a waste of resource.

  24. Any word from devs or otherwise on whether certain characers (i.e. – Ben, Maul, etc.) will stay C pack exclusive in the future? Was hoping they would add farming locations for them, but doesn’t look good as of right now.

  25. Maybe I’m just missing something here, but what is the point of having multiple levels that drop the same character shards in Squad Cantina Battles? Pretty disappointed after unlocking the stage 5 battles…

  26. I managed to get the luck of the gods and get a Mace Windu 4* from a Bronzium drop. I never farmed for him before so that was essentially 80 shards all at one time. I jumped for joy. So it is possible to get full characters from Bronzium drops. I just doubt it’ll ever happen again to me lol. Good luck everyone

    • I’ve gotten super lucky with Bronzium pulls. 4* Mace Windu, 4* Ima-Gun-Di, 2* Resistance Trooper, 2* Ahsoka Tano, 1* Nightsister Acolyte and initiate, 2* Jedi Guardian, 2* MagnaGuard, and 4* URoRRuR’R’R. also snowtrooper, but converted to shards. This is also over a high number of pulls though.

    • I have gotten both count dooku and old daka from a bronzium pack, those are only two characters.

  27. Hi guys, does anyone know what happens when you are 7* on some character and you get extra shards for it? Is there any way to exchange this extra shards for something, or do they get lost/stuck in a void?

    • Mieleson Meow Meow

      they get lost in the void.
      unfortunately. :(

      • Yep, you just have e.g. 2/0 shards, that’s all. Good thing is that they still count, so if they increase the star level to 8, you already have some. Bad if they won’t increase…

    • The devs have mentioned that they will implement some sort of shard trading functionality in the future though, so they may not be lost forever at least

    • Yes. They are converted to shard shop currency. It’s the only way to get GG at the moment. if you haven’t gotten a 7 star yet, keep farming…. You’ll get there. I have 2 – 7* after playing for a month and will have 4 more 7* in another week. Then hopefully GMY when the event hits again. Good luck!

  28. It’s at least re-assuring to read that everyone else is also frustrated with Dooku drop rates. Seeing as we are all amazed at how low it is I am thinking they set his probability to drop lower than other toons. Probably because he is pretty popular and powerful, maybe even OP. I’m 3 damn shards from unlocking him…so I should be able to add him to the roster in a few weeks

  29. Just a heads up. You’re missing Boba Fett for 8-A Light Side.

    Also, love this site! Can I make a suggestion for this particular page though? It would be very useful if the list was sorted by character instead of Battle. Essentially a list of all the characters with columns for Light Side battles, Dark Side battles, Cantina, Shipments, etc…

    That would make a great reference to easily compare farming difficulty between characters.

    • 2nd vote for listing by character

      • A listing by character can be done in the game menu. Click Characters, pick your guy, then hit Find. This table that the author made cannot be found in game if you haven’t unlocked those levels.

        • 3rd vote for listing by character, even if it’s a second and entirely separate chart, it’d still prove useful for quicker farm info.

    • I like the list the way it is. What they want seems like exactly what’s already in game. My two cents. I’m not trolling.

    • hold control and hit the F key, then type the name of the character and it will show you all the places on this page where the character is mentioned

  30. Some of the drop rates make me very upset. In cantina I’m 4/26 with getting Jedi consular shards

  31. I really hope they add more LS/DS shards for levels 7-8 than the ones you have listed right now. These are basically terrible outside of Barriss and Ima-gun Di.

    Shouldn’t getting farther in the game unlock the potential for more fun/productive characters and not the tusken raiders and ewok scouts of the world? Doesn’t provide much incentive to work through that portion of the game

    • They’re saving those slots for future updates – you’ll be able to farm some good characters when they get to it.

  32. so isnt there already data to be mined about the commin cantina stages or do you just dont add em cauz. . . ethics?

  33. a request : could we see the list backward : shard location (and number) per character. This would help to determine which characters are easiest to farm and upgrade.
    Thanks ! ^o^

  34. I got dooku in a chromium pack for the 350 shard price, since then he has been leveled equipt and loved in my 5 man team. The problem now is the rest of my squad is 4* + and he is still just a 3* so I went to farm and in about 3 days of sim ticket battles I’ve got 3 shards. Seems like a pretty low drop rate to me. Has anyone else found another way to get shards besides the random packs?

  35. What’s the green circle around the characters when you are in research and upgrade.

    • the circle color is dependant on gear level.
      IIRC :
      white : 1/2
      green : 3/4
      blue : 5/6
      purple 7/8

    • I only have up to lvl 6 but…
      White/grey is lvl 1
      Green is lvl 2
      Green with 2 “notches” is lvl 3
      Teal with 2 “notches” is lvl 4
      Teal with 4 “notches” is lvl 5
      Teal with 6 “notches” is lvl 6
      I believe…
      Purple with 6 “notches” is lvl 7
      After that there are lines that start joining the notches.

  36. Who do you guys focus on when shard farming the Cantina, also curious on what I should target in shipments

    • GW-Luminara
      Cantina-Old Daka
      Cantina-Kylo Ren (but start with consular)
      Force-Anakin, Tano, Daka, Gun, Dooku (do luminara, consular, chewie early as well)

      • I agree with this assessment.
        I’d only add that your energy use should focus on gear, not shards, since drop rate is trash and gear is super important.
        GW – Luminara
        Cantina – Daka
        Arena – Sidious
        Force – Dooku, Chewie, and then healers.

  37. Farming shards is like lottery, yesterday I got 4/9 consular jedi, today I go 1/9… Dooku is hard as hell too, If I get 2/6 in a day I am very greatfull, but my average is 1/6

    Keep farming and may the force be with you T.T

  38. Anyone else been randomly getting 4* characters from Bronzium packs? I got Poggle the Lesser yesterday and URoRRuR’R’R today.

    • That’s awesome. Got Dathcha really early on, haven’t got another bronzium toon for weeks.

    • Early on when I started (about 1 1/2 month ago) I got Poggle the Lesser in a bronzium pack, 2 weeks later I got Old Daka, and last week I got Rey

  39. I’ve been doing an experiment and it seems to be working, even though its been a short time that i’ve been testing it.

    When farming Dooku (or any char), I go through the “locate” button, simulate once, and then go back to the char profile. It seems to improve the drop rate, but I may be fooling myself… =)

    If you’re willing to try it as well, please, let me know your findings!

  40. Resistance Trooper drops on 3-A Hard both light and dark for me. Using the iphone, might different on android.

    • Resistance Trooper drops on 3-A Hard both light and dark for me too.

    • They must have added it later because I have both completed and only 1 Resistance Trooper shard (the first time is guaranty drop).

      First order Stromtrooper is also 2-B light and 2-A Dark now.

  41. I guess I need to get farming for shards to upgrade my character roster. I’ve gone as far as I can with the current group. I guess I need to figure out how to build around 4* Maul and Chewie/Jedi Counselor plus scrubs

  42. First time I am seeing shards in the normal gear shipment store. It’s 2 or 3 shards for 50 crystal a shard. Could you add a list of all the heroes you can get this way, basically made my own “free” list to plan. I see Talia, ewok scout, poggle, and ig-88. Any character you can get from cantina missions seems to be a joke because you can buy energy and get a lot more shards. Unless of course you do that enough the price spikes and you want a very very quick star up or unlock.

    • Shipments are 50 crystal per shard.
      50 shards = 2500 crystals
      80 shards = 4000 crystals
      And that’s just to get them at their BASE level. To get them to 7 stars could be 25,000 crystals.

      Use your crystals for ANYTHING else, including Chromium Mega Packs. No matter what you choose to spend them on, it will be more efficient.
      If nothing else, use them on energy to farm shards and gear.

      (I realize that post is REALLY old, but new players probably wonder the same thing.)

      • Sure unless you are talking about an amazing hard battle only hero, hard battle node refreshes cost 50 and generally only provide 1 shard. Sure you would get some credits/xp droids/gear maybe but you would also need that regular energy. It is maybe worth it for hard node only heroes who are top tier. An example would be FOTP before the last patch. I would say Rey but I haven’t seen her there. Barris back in December when I made that post.

  43. Dooku drop rate must be broken… I am thinking about giving up. I got 2 shards in 4 days (doing both missions 3 times)! Cantina seems to be about 40 percent and light/dark seem to average 33 percent (for not dooku).

    • I feel your pain. Very frustrating farming Dooku. I do only the 5 hard battles everyday to get the daily rewards, then focus on Cantina, Arena and GW to farm characters. I spend instead on gear, seems a bit more effective.

  44. Very helpful! The headers are very hard to read, though it’s not hard to figure out which column is which.

  45. Hey Kylven, good work as always!
    Are there published/data-minable drop rates for shards? It feels like I’m going 0/6 or 1/6 when I’m looking to get my Dooku shards from 1-C l/d, yet I’m getting Chewie shards every other time or every three times from the squad cantina battle

    • I haven’t been gathering that data, but I’ve experienced about a 35% drop rate.

      • It honestly feels like Dooku is dropping at less than 10% (I’m at 1/12 this weekend), was the rate nerfed in the latest patch since most players think he’s OP?

        • I think certain missions seem to have higher drop rates than others, with harder ones generally being better? I haven’t been collecting data, but Finn seems to be dropping for me a little bit faster than Luke did. Boba Fett also seems to be dropping easily for me. I have more shards for him than resistance trooper, despite farming the second more than the first.

  46. Thank you very much that’s great work

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