General Grievous


Dark Side

Classes: Droid, Attacker

Shard Locations: Shard Shop

Description: Brutal Attacker that cuts down defensive enemies while protecting himself with forced ally taunts; although he hates being called a droid, he counts as one in combat.

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Furious Assault - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. This attack can't be evaded or countered.
Level 7
Grievous Wounds - Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 50% chance to inflict healing immunity for 1 turn.

Level 7
Sinister Laugh - Inflict health down on all enemies for 2 turns, with a 40% chance to remove 30% turn meter. This chance is doubled against Jedi Enemies.

Level 6
Daunting Presence - All enemies have -17.5% Critical Chance and -20% critical damage.
Level 6
Tactical Retreat - Grievous has +9% max health for each living droid ally. in addition, whenever grievous falls below 50% health, he will dispel all negative status effects on himself and force a random ally to taunt for 1 turn if no ally is currently taunting for him. if he does, that ally also gains 100% turn meter.

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