Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)


Light Side

Classes: Jedi, Human, Tank

Shard Locations: Data Cards, Holotable 2-F, Holotable 6-B

Description: Durable Jedi Tank able to shut down enemy offense with multiple debuffs

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Elegant Form – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and gain Evasion Up for 2 turns.
Level 7
Mind Tricks – Inflict Ability Block on all enemies for 1 turn and Offense Down for 2 turns, with a 65% chance to remove 60% Turn Meter.
Level 7
Old Jedi Knight – All allies gain 15% Evasion and gain 25% Turn Meter whenever they Evade an attack.
Level 6
If You Strike Me Down – When Old Ben Kenobi is defeated, he grants all allies Evasion, Defense, Speed, Offense, +15% Health, and Defense Penetration, and Critical Damage for 2 Turns.
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