Grand Master Yoda

grand master yoda

Light Side

Classes: Jedi, Support

Shard Locations: Grand Master’s Training Event.

Description: Masterful Jedi Support that can replicate enemy buffs and share them with allies.

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Ataru - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. If that enemy has more than 50% Health, Yoda gains 25% Turn Meter and Foresight for 2 turns.
Level 7
Masterstroke - Deal Special damage to all enemies. In addition, for each positive status effect an enemy has, Yoda gains that effect for 3 turns.

Level 7
Unstoppable Force - Deal Special damage to target enemy with a 65% chance to remove 40% Turn Meter. If that enemy had less than 50% Health, they are also Stunned for 1 Turn.

Level 6
Battle Meditation - Yoda gains Tenacity Up for 2 turns, then grants each other ally every positive status effect he has for 2 turns, with a 40% chance to also grant Yoda 30% Turn Meter.
Level 6
Grand Master's Guidance - Jedi allies gain 22.5% Tenacity, and gain 25% Turn Meter whenever they Resist a negative status effect.
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