Asajj Ventress

asajj ventress

Dark Side

Classes: Nightsister, Support

Shard Locations: Data Cards, Squad Arena

Description: Nightsister controller with self healing who generates attack power on enemy death.

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Cruel Strike – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 35% chance to Stun for 1 turn.
Level 7
Strike Fear – Dispel all positive status effects from all enemies. Asajj recovers 40% of her Max Health, plus an additional 7% for each effect dispelled this way and has a 50% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter.

Level 7
Endless Wrath – Deal Special damage to all enemies and refresh all cooldowns on a finishing blow.
Level 6
Nightsister Swiftness – Nightsister allies gain 26 Speed and have a 25% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter when they damage an enemy.
Level 6
Rampage – Whenever any ally or enemy is defeated, Asajj Ventress gains Offense and Critical Chance Up for one action, with a 25% chance to also gain 32.5% Turn Meter.
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