Chief Chirpa

chief chirpa

Light Side

Classes: Ewok, Support

Shard Locations: Data Cards, Holotable 5-D

Description: Ewok Leader that greatly improves ally Basic abilities.

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Bounding Strike - Deal physical damage to target enemy. in addition, chirpa gains 35% turn meter if that enemy had more than 50% turn meter.
Level 7
Ancestral Secrets - All allies recover 15% of their max health at the start of their next 2 turns. ewok allies also gain retribution for 2 turns, and recover health for 1 additional turn.

Level 7
Tribal Unity - Grant all allies speed up for 2 turns, then call three random ewok allies and one other random ally to assist. these assists deal 50% less damage.
Level 6
Simple Tactics - Ewok allies gain 18% turn meter and deal 10% more damage whenever they perform a basic attack. these effects are halved for other allies.
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