Plo Koon

plo koon

Light Side

Classes: Jedi, Tank

Shard Locations: Data Cards, Dark Side Battle 7-C, and Holotable Battle 4-G

Description: Support character with good defenses, debuffs, and Clone Trooper synergies.

Basic Ability
Special Abilities
Leader Ability
Unique Ability
Level 7
Quelling Blow – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and dispel a random positive status effect on them. If an effect is dispelled, Plo Koon gains Defense Up for 3 turns.
Level 7
Force Judgment – Deal Special damage to all enemies with a 55% chance to inflict Offense Down for 2 Turns.

Level 7
Take Charge – All allies gain Defense Up for 4 Turns. Clone allies also gain 50% turn meter.
Level 6
Overwatch – Each ally has a 50% chance to remove Stealth from each enemy at the start of their turn. If they dispel any enemies, they gain Offense Up for 1 Turn.
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