Training SWGoH Characters the Right Way

training heroesTraining Heroes from 1 – level cap requires quite a bit of remotes and credits. There is an experience (XP) and credit saving method you must know in order to minimize your XP and credit losses while training Heroes to match your player level. Firstly, the training remotes all provide a set amount of XP, every XP point costs 7.1 Credits, and the cost is associated with the training remotes used.

For example, look at Maul below. His cost is 330,150 credits and 46, 500 XP to go from 56 to 60.

training wrong

What you want to do is start with the highest star training remotes you have and apply all of them minus 1, then the next highest star remote minus one, and so on until you’re using the 1* training remote to cap off the training level. That way you’ll minimize any left over XP and credit loss due to player level or level cap. Do NOT use the Auto “Assign All” feature or you’ll find yourself in a situation where all your lower training remotes are used up and will waste credits and XP.

training right

The image above shows the ideal method and saves you 5,964 credits and 840 XP worth of training remotes in this Maul scenario. This is actually a fairly poor example, but if you have higher star remotes available and go the wrong way (ie, lower stars first), you’ll be losing quite a bit more. For those interested, here’s the breakdown of XP by remotes.

XP Granted by Remotes

1 star remote 2 star remote 3 star remote
4 star remote 5 star remote 6 star remote

SWGOH Training XP and Credits per Level

The following are the Credits and XP requirements per level. What’s important to note here is that you’ll receive the same bonus for STR, AGI, and INT which effects Health, Physical Damage, Physical Critical, Armor, Special Damage, and Resistance for a level 1 to 2 as a 69 to 70 training, but with substantial inflation. So depending on where you are in the game, you may find your remotes and credits better invested maxing a PvP Squad to level cap or improving your bench strength in Galactic Wars.

XP per LvL
Total XP
Credits per LvL
Total Credits


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  1. Question… all my chatacters max level is 44 how do i get it above that?!

    • Your characters are capped at your player level. Gain XP to increase your player level and then you will be able to increase character levels.

  2. Hi everyone; I really don’t know how to formulate my question… It is only that I would like to know how come some characters have so many difference of power when the Max Level, for example one gamer has a R2D2 at the max Level 85 with a Power/Poder: 17005; but another player has the same R2D2 at the max Level 85 with a Power/Poder: 23 657
    So if anyone has any clue at how to do that, I will kindly invite you a dinner whenever you come to Cancun, Mex 😉 thanks

    • Gear and ability upgrades have a significant impact on Power scores

      • yes of course, but whats the order of doing it? because the examples I asked before, had a difference of one gear on, than the other guy, at the same Gear Level XI, but one had 17005 and the other guy had 23657 with the same player, there must be a way or an order procedure of improvement so we can do those improvements gaining with more power


    Hmmmm… I don’t see Assign All. Is this for an old version?

    • Yes this is now outdated since they have changed to the level “slider” bar. You can still manually pick which level of training droids you want to use, but I believe the slider automatically picks the best combination

  4. Thanks for the information and the great article..

  5. Hi,
    Is it necessary to upgrade character level by multiplicator of 10*level? Or is it not necessary?
    As the 3 stats have decimals.
    If one stat is 3.1, if i level from 1 to 10, i will get 9*3.1= 27.9 and see 27 as an increase of this stat.
    Then have i lost 0.9 stat during that level up of 9 levels?
    That gives me headache.

    • It saves that .9 for the next in. If you were to go up a single level at a time and the multiplier was 3.1. For the first 9 times you would get 3 but on the tenth you get 4. You don’t actually lose anything from the rounding. They just keep the decimals adding up until it reaches the next whole number.

  6. Is it better to star up first or gear up a character?

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  8. Just spot checked the Total XP column. There is an addition error for levels 62-70. It’s not off by much, but it’s off.

    Level XP per LvL Actual Total XP Total XP Credits per LvL Total Credits
    62 15000 184025 184000 106500 1306400
    63 16000 200025 199970 113600 1419787
    64 17000 217025 216930 120700 1540203
    65 18000 235025 234880 127800 1667648
    66 19000 254025 253820 134900 1802122
    67 20000 274025 273740 142000 1943554
    68 21000 295025 294640 149100 2091944
    69 22000 317025 316520 156200 2247292
    70 23000 340025 339370 163300 2409527

    • Same issue with total Credits:

      Level XP per LvL Total XP Credits per LvL Actual Total Credits Total Credits
      63 16000 200025 113600 1420178 1419787
      64 17000 217025 120700 1540878 1540203
      65 18000 235025 127800 1668678 1667648
      66 19000 254025 134900 1803578 1802122
      67 20000 274025 142000 1945578 1943554
      68 21000 295025 149100 2094678 2091944
      69 22000 317025 156200 2250878 2247292
      70 23000 340025 163300 2414178 2409527

  9. This is total garbage. The charecters extra xp is saved making it take less for the next level. It all evens out.

  10. So it seems that I wasted xp and training droids by pressing assign all I’m up to 27th level all trained with assign all .. should I start over ?? Plz help .*

    • No, training droids are relatively easy to acquire so as long as you’re using them on decent characters you’ll be fine.

  11. How does the total XP at level 61-62-63 balance out to an even 10?

    There is no corresponding 5 in the first column.

  12. Hi.
    I have a question: Currently I’m lv 16 and my first 5 characters are all lvl. 18. I can’t level them anymore, saying that my characters are lvl. 18/18 with MAX XP. How can I continue to level them up? Thanks.

  13. I have two ipads, and used Luminara Unduli as a test.
    I kept one at level One until she was seven Stars.
    I trained one first, and just added the promotions as they came.
    End result … they were almost identical !
    The one I left at level one before promoting has 400 more Health points. Not sure why yet. Gear, skill, etc.
    Promoting a level one character to 5, 6, and 7 starts only increased str, agi, int by one.
    I was a bit disappointed. I thought I would have a super luminara.

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    • Why do people bother putting this rubbish on the internet.
      It does not work or if it does you will get banned plus you have to go through that stupid survey crap that hardly ever works.

    • thanks it worked like a charm

    • i never thought it DOES actually work !!

    • Cheaters are retarded

      On the one hand, cheaters deserve what they get. On the other hand most of the people who will bite on this will probably be kids. Regardless, people should know that this is fake and/or against the rules and/or likely contains malware. Also, the real site admins should be moderating their forums better.

  15. assuming they dont change 1k xp per level

    level XP for level XP 0-level cedits for level credits from 0-level
    80 33000 624370 234300 4433027
    79 32000 591370 227200 4198727
    78 31000 559370 220100 3971527
    77 30000 528370 213000 3751427
    76 29000 498370 205900 3538427
    75 28000 469370 198800 3332527
    74 27000 441370 191700 3133727
    73 26000 414370 184600 2942027
    72 25000 388370 177500 2757427
    71 24000 363370 170400 2579927

  16. I’m not too sure if this was covered or not but I’m a week new to this game and am a FTP looking to play this game competitively and was wondering:
    I’ve bought Savage Opress and am playing with him, gearing him, and leveling him normally, and will upgrade his stars as I go

    The question is:
    Would it be better to buy characters, max them to 7 stars, then to level them up from 1 to current level for the max stat benefit?

    I realize this might be an “absurd” way to think about it, but I do feel that this is do-able with Luminara, Sidious, Savage, Qui-Gon, Stormtrooper Han (and the other good farmable characters -etc.)


    • Once you have all the heroes you need for all the game modes it is better to wait until heroes are at a viable star level before wasting resources on them. When you are starting out its best to focus on your arena team.

    • It doesn’t matter the order between leveling and promoting, the end result is the same. That’s why SWGOH Cantina can tell us max stats…because max stats are fixed.

  17. Note that the lowest level training droid provides 30xp, the next 150xp and the following one 750xp, i.e. 5 times each level of training droid, but the next one, the 4* only provides 1500xp, twice as much as the 3*.

    To preserve the flexibility to apply this method in future the method above should be altered if when you get to the lowest level training droid, the 1*, you need to assign 5.

    If that is the case you should not assign any 1* training droids, but instead use one more 2*. If that then needs 5, don’t use any of those and instead use one more 3*. If that then needs 2 use one more 4*.

    Repeat as necessary, however I can’t verify the xp worth of the 5* (I’ve read that it’s twice the 4*) and 6* (I’ve read that it’s twice the 5*) training droids at this point, so at this point I would suggest that you verify those before taking this process further.

  18. Does upgrading characters (XP level, stars or gear) have an effect on the difficulty of the campaign war?

  19. I have reached level 70, so what happens to all of the exp you generate if you still play every day? Is it held in reserve untill the cap update or is it lost?


  20. This site is the best I’ve been to. Wish I had found it when I started a month ago. Have spent several $hundred$
    And still can’t finish galactic war, because I had no clue what I was doing, let alone farming. Thank you, I feel like I will become a competitor in another month and now have a big picture of how things work.

  21. Does gear level affect the bonuses to STR, ATI, INT, etc when leveling up? For example, when you get a new character do you want to boost to the highest level and then level up the gear? Or level up the gear as soon as possible during training?

  22. Can anyone explain why some of the borrow a character characters are lower star levels than that character unlocks at? For example a 2 star vader, who should only be 4 or higher…

    • Hey wade, some people are gifted these hero’s at lower levels when using data cards.

    • I wondered this as well; from what I’ve found out, the server will generate “AI profiles” that get assigned a random leader at a random star count. That is how you will see Vader’s at 2 star when you can only get them in the game as a 4 star in any way. Also, thats how you see sidious low, baris low, etc. The AI can get impossible combinations for real players. I don’t think you can send an ai generated ally a friend invite as well, but besides that it is no different than an actual user. Hope this helps. May the force be with you!

  23. Star level is retrofitted to match your XP level. This explains why when you star up, your gain to the 3 major categories which in turn has a trickle down effect to HP attack etc.. You are free to star or level, it will all end up the same in the end. As A F2P player (outside of Dooku for $5) I find that the increase from 6* to 7* isn’t worth the materials required to do it. Those resources are better used to build up other characters to increase my PvP and GW options. I don’t think going to level 60 from 59 is a needed jump either right now. With the level 70 cap coming, let the P2P players figure out the meta changes with level 70, they follow the flock to the most powerful toons. This will save loads of XP droids and credits.

  24. would you have the same lvl table for the player Xp progression?

    right now im 53 with 2500 XP required to get to lvl 54.

    how much total XP should i expect to gather to get my player to lvl 60?


  25. This is an awesome site for players. Great job.

  26. I never thought about this before and I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months. One question, why does the chart only go up to level 60?

  27. How does the leader stat work. Is ONLY one leader abilities applied to the squad? What about the ally leader ability? since that can’t go into the leader slot is that ability not to be considered in selecting the ally?

  28. Good tip. If I can add another one it would be to upgrade characters that have a great amount of versatility. You will find your squads changing as you progress and it is nice when heroes can change or supliment another squad.

  29. Cool tip! I found great resources in this website. Nice job.

  30. The way I see it, it would be better to upgrade the star level before the XP levels. If you have an easily farmable character and you can hold out. The gear levels are separate from them. Does this sound right to anyone else?

    • Pretty sure when you upgrade star level it is retroactive – will apply any stay gains from previous XP levels. So don’t sweat it :)

      • Has this been confirmed?
        It would explain GHOST’s question below about diff power levels seen on same hero, same lvl, s[ame colour of equip ring icon].
        Or can there be that much variance within an equip level?

  31. When barrowing someone else’s characters, to help with a battle sometimes I see the (SAME) exact character, (SAME) exact level, but different power levels..
    Can you please help me understand the BEST way to upgrade a character to have the highest power possible, if you have endless resources!!
    What should be upgraded first? Max level (xp), max stars (6 stars), or max gear

    • Their gear level also factors into their strength. So the character in question probably had better gear than yours did.

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