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Sometimes a wall of text with sprinkles of screenshots just doesn’t quite get the point across. This page will contain frequently updated Video feeds of some Fear the Boot (FTB) Alliance members as well as quality streamers that provide value to the SWGoH Community. Should you wish to add your channel to this list, please PM “Kylven” on LINE, message us on Facebook, or post a link in the Comments for review.

swgoh-videosSWGoH Channels

Rui Daemon is an official EA Forum Moderator and one of the first FTB members during softlaunch. He’s here to share a variety of videos on the meta game for top players. See Rui Daemon’s Videos.
joram Joram Darkblade is an early member of the FTB Alliance. He started during Softlaunch and has been at the leading edge of developing new Squad variations and counters to the more popular characters. See Joram’s Videos.
ailan Ailan joined FTB just after hard launch and has built a “Day in the Life” Channel of a SWGoH Gamer chronicling gameplay videos of PvP, Galactic War,  opinions, etc.. See Ailan’s Videos.
Gauss is another early member of FTB willing to share with the community some videos exploring team synergies, PvP squads and Galactic War advice.  See Gauss Videos.
TweetTromp is another elite member of FTB sharing experiences with the community on challenges, Galactic Wars, and video blogging. See TweetTromp Videos.
Lord Skunk is a hardcore member of FTB showcasing top 10s, Arena Battles, Patch Discussions and more. See Lord Skunk Videos
 cedric Fudgement, or Cedric Yim is a softlaunch FTB member with a cool sense of humor and some video montages that’ll make the most cynical laugh.   See Fudge’s Videos
tiny grimes Tiny Grimes is a video gaming blogger who joined the FTB alliance during softlaunch and has developed a channel primarily focused on the basics of SWGoH for the Free to Play gamer. See Tiny’s Videos.
Ritual Gaming podcasters Joe, Danny, and Greg joined our F2P Division and enjoy sharing their experiences in SWGoH with our Community. See Ritual Gaming Videos.

​SWGoH Videos

Rui Daemon





Lord Skunk


Tiny Grimes

Ritual Gaming

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